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Spent some time at the range yesterday shooting my sweet old Husqvarna (Mauser action) 9,3x62 caliber rifle. Such sweet action, so very smooth and fast to reload and shoot. Oh my... It quite a bit but not as bad as one might think, rather controllable and more so very much enjoyable and seriously fun! 🤠 Blasted away as I once got started I just couldn't stop. Easy reloading, fast shooting with the support from the properly old school canvas rifle sling tight around my arm. Very controllable indeed and it shoots like a dream. First three shots alright for being shot offhand at 50 yards, a bit high but that's me, need to practice and find where to hold. It looks like new even though it's made way back in 1929, amazing! Such a beauty, must go shoot some more soon again. So far I've shot FMJ Range ammo only but today I picked up a box of Sako Hammerhead 286 grain soft points, will post also try Norma Oryx in 232grain loads. Think this old thing will do great with open iron sights stalking deer when season starts in mid August. #instaguns

Edc ....😉. @glockinc @czusafirearms I have holsters for both. I find myself carrying the more often, however that is due to being much more comfortable with the Glock platform. I have complete faith in them, and they have earned that faith through thousands of rounds, and much treatment. The is definitely not disappointing, and I'm sure after a couple thousand more rounds on the range in my training I will have just as much . Both fantastic . #instaguns

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SB Tactical

Stow and go portability, compact and maneuverable function. The Pistol Stabilizing brace has it all. 📷 @scorpiustactical #instaguns

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Frederic Benmussa

I love MUSIC, SCIENCE AND the 3 desert Eagle! 1) .50ae 2) .44 magnum silver 3) .50ae full auto @cybergun #instaguns

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__________members___________ NILO【T】 @team_twobite TAKU 【T】 @fujita9ta9 YOJI 【T】 @sunzofdarkness.airsoft SHOTA 【T✖️J】 @nose.187 SATORU 【T✖️J】 @310ru3 狸【T✖️J】 @yasuhiro_ooki ゆう【T✖️J】@yu.8008.panda さっちゃん【T✖️J】 @satsuchiyan1123 MURA 【T✖️J】 @mura_jtf02bite Yoshi 【T✖️J】 @yoshh525 YUHEI【J】 TETTA【J】 @_snowegg_jtf2 RYUTARO【J】 Photo by @japanspirits . __________________________________ #instaguns #

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