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The Core Project (@the_core_project) Instagram Profile Photo the_core_project

The Core Project

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Ready, set, go!!! It’s a new week!! See you this arvo @kayahealthclubs 430/515/6/645pm classes xx 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #innerthighs 😘😘✔️✔️

Physiotherapy Stockholm (@physiotherapystockholm) Instagram Profile Photo physiotherapystockholm

Physiotherapy Stockholm

Primary movement patterns are patterns of movement that develop already during infancy and the first few years of life. These patterns include movements such as lifting and controlling the head and neck, rolling over, crawling, standing and running, to name a few. These seemingly simple actions serve to form the framework from which all automated, functional movement later occurs🚶‍♀️ . . . When an injury occurs, however, we change these fundamental movement patterns in order to avoid pain. If the injury/pain becomes chronic (i.e. lasting longer than 3 months), the resulting compensatory patterns become etched into the nervous system. Even if the injury has long since healed, these new patterns can persist, in turn causing faulty force distribution and imbalances elsewhere in the body❌ . . . It is therefore important to break any compensatory patterns that may be causing current problems in the body. This is achieved by re-learning basic, primary movements patterns. Why is this so important? Because it basically serves as a ”soft reset” for the nervous system - the correct neurological pathways are stimulated, in turn switching on the correct muscles needed to support and stabilize the body during everyday movement and physical activity🧠 . . . The Reverse Salamander is one such movement pattern that may be used to improve functional rotation of the trunk - anyone stiff as a rod after back pain, for example?? Here, the inner thigh and opposite side obliques (anterior oblique sling) work together with the QL and shoulder girdle in order to support the body as the hips and torso drop to one side. The obliques and multifidus must thereafter work simultaneously to bring the body back to the starting position. These muscles are all important to maintaining posture and functional movement🤸‍♂️ . . . 🔹Begin in a low quadruped position, elbows in line with shoulders and knees in line with hips. Spine is neutral with sitting bones pointing back. 🔹 Actively press elbows down into floor, broadening space between shoulderblades. Engage muscles at armpits to support shoulder. 🔹Extend one leg straight back, lengthening out through heel. 👇Continued in comments👇

Тренер•Пилатес•Минск (@fit_healthy_elga) Instagram Profile Photo fit_healthy_elga


✖️Inner Thighs✖️My - @mickiphit 🤸‍♂️ Прорабатываем внутреннюю поверхность бедра вместе с кольцом⭕️ Плюс в этом положении отлично подключается 👍 Вы хоть не комментируете, так ставьте 💜 А то я порой в полной растерянности, зашло-не зашло, полезно-неполезно 🤷‍♀️ #innerthighs

Fit Living Ltd (@fitlivingltd) Instagram Profile Photo fitlivingltd

Fit Living Ltd

Why not do a sunny Sunday workout..this week hitting those inner thighs🔥 Remember to warm up! 6 exercises 30 seconds in between workouts (e.g do all repetitions of every exercise without rest and then rest at the end) Complete 3 times upping the repetitions each time by 10 😬🔥 Enjoy 😊☀️💪🏻 . . #innerthighs

jessica Jones (@jessjones.1997) Instagram Profile Photo jessjones.1997

jessica Jones

image by jessica Jones (@jessjones.1997) with caption : "beaut" - 1783480891978767072
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Robin Penney (@robinpenneyyoga) Instagram Profile Photo robinpenneyyoga

Robin Penney

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Hello, legs!! ____________________ This video is sped up 4x... this is slow, deep work. ____________________ Goddess (or many names for these shapes) is one of those poses I dreaded to hold. But once I shifted into a strength-building mindset, I appreciate what it has to offer. Getting stronger has equaled less pain for me, as I move through the mid-40’s. ____________________ And...why not up the ante? After some squats, stick a washcloth under one heel (no mat for this part!!) and slide that heel out and back in. All the weight stays in your standing foot. Hint: it’s hard, you’ll feel things 🤪 Do your best. ____________________ Another way to use this sliding-the-washcloth approach is under the heels in Bridge. Start with legs straight, heels off the mat and on the cloth, then drag the heels in before lifting up to Bridge. Oh, *there’s* the hamstrings, hehe. ____________________ Strengthening the hamstrings and inner thighs and hips with work like these two moves is a must for the health of our hips and spine, and can be easily incorporated into your yoga practice or the classes you teach. A yoga blanket can also work. ____________________ Maybe some moves like this will show up in my classes at @lumayoga this week, you never know.... ____________________ DM me if you wanna get on my email list for more info like this, plus full practices to get stronger and more mobile. ____________________ Move YOU ❤️ #innerthighs