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Hans Sandhu

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Tamu (心生)

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CONNECT Rehab | Yoga | Fitness

Owen Sound, Ontario

Your hips, hamstrings and performance will thank you for joining Staying Hip Thursdays 9:30-10:30 am 🏃‍♀️ Are you a golfer looking to add a few yards? 🏌️ Or a runner looking to shave a few seconds? Staying Hip is a strengthening and mobility practice that focuses on core and hip strength to make your favourite physical activity more efficient. This class will CONNECT with anyone looking to add yoga to their regular fitness routine. Instruction modified for all levels. — $15+tax drop in | $125+tax 10 class pass good for yoga & fitness classes Pre-registration recommended Class max 8 participants — To find out more or register online 519-372-2121

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Brayden Schneider

Well this is cool 🤦‍♂️ I wish I had a cool hockey story as to how this happened, but I don’t. It did happen at the rink and I did have my skates on if that counts for anything! Turns out playing around during my snack break at camp was not in my best interest. Went into the wall and fractured my growth plate in my finger. Good news is it didn’t hurt and the cast will be off in 3 weeks! Until then I will be borrowing my dad‘s glove 😊 #injury

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Shawn Sherman

Phoenix, Arizona

Bc we don’t advocate for passive stretching and rubbing on tight tissue, some folks think that SQ1 is anti-mobility. 😂 Check out these pix that new students @megs_misadventures and Melissa produced. ~42% more mobility in lateral trunk flexion in a single session? We’ll take it! . . If you can get the brain more comfortable with its’ internal and external environment, it’ll very often grant you more mobility, strength, and less . . . #injury relief

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Leslie Sandoval

Guanajuato, Mexico

scars with rigid collodion :)

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Clarista SFX

Bruise severity level: 3 This type of bruise you might see 7 days after the injury. The bruise color has turned into deep reddish brown and you might see the area around the bruise point is turning into yellowish color. This is the last stage of your body’s re-absorption. It won’t change the color anymore, otherwise it’ll fade gradually. #injury

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