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Cyrus Сайрес کوروش (@cyrus.official) Instagram Profile Photo

Cyrus Сайрес کوروش

Christian Klawitter (@chris82kl) Instagram Profile Photo

Christian Klawitter

Nicolás Arroyo Pizarro (@nicoarroyop) Instagram Profile Photo

Nicolás Arroyo Pizarro

Vincenzo Vino (@vins.wine97) Instagram Profile Photo

Vincenzo Vino

Clau 🐚 (@claucier) Instagram Profile Photo

Clau 🐚

 L I O R  Z A B A R I (@liorzabari) Instagram Profile Photo

 L I O R Z A B A R I

Patrick Roels ♉️ (@patrick_ma_ro) Instagram Profile Photo

Patrick Roels ♉️

Andree🙈 (@_andreeet) Instagram Profile Photo


Mara Póvoa (@mara_povoa) Instagram Profile Photo

Mara Póvoa

Priscila Costa (@pri_ribas) Instagram Profile Photo

Priscila Costa

B.R.E.N.D.A_N.G😘 (@brendangsw) Instagram Profile Photo


Alejandro Climent Hernandez (@alejandrocliment) Instagram Profile Photo

Alejandro Climent Hernandez

RicardoVazquezSr🙏 (@realdoninfa) Instagram Profile Photo


HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE , YA’LL THOUGHT I WAS FINISHED ?! PHILLY i’m coming back home 1 time to put on a show for ya’ll ! Me & @4everkind_nation put this together for the culture 🙏🏽 i’ll be along side my guys @nev.nau @nikxway @jayotic & @m.t.g_sweep .. I love my city forever & i can’t wait to touch down !!! PULL UP 😈 #imback

Katrina  Gelinas (@alaskan_musclegirl) Instagram Profile Photo

Katrina Gelinas

Fairbanks, Alaska

Didn’t place • • Everyone is asking if I won my competition @npc_jrnationals this weekend, and when I answer with no they are like “oh it’s ok! You’ll do better next time” 😅 • • I going to clear the air here, I don’t only compete to win. I did win! I brought my BEST package that I ever have to stage, I was the leanest I’ve ever been and I felt great on stage. This is a sport that take time and work, it’s a sport that you improve with every show you do. • • With that being said I got 3rd call outs which means I didn’t place. I went up against 25 VERY well conditioned women, and the best thing about it is I felt like I BELONGED! I haven’t felt so apart of something before, even with my last shows and seasons. • • I had a azing support not only was my coach @paulrevelia there but so was 15 of my @teprophysique temates, @stephenbeaugrand and @laurinconlin who have been there since I started my journey. This weekend was azing and I can’t wait to push for these next 5wks to bring something even BETTER to stage! ~KG Fitness~ 🐠 #imback

Ruben Isaac Robles (@roobskiess) Instagram Profile Photo

Ruben Isaac Robles

I’m back and 20 pounds lighter ... had to take a little break 😋 What i miss??? #imback

lots of things changing real soon. #imback

I've had slight skincare hiatus as I've been away on a hen do so I had to dial back my skincare routines, but I'm back & oh boy I've missed my clay mask! I love how soft & clean my skin feels afterwards. I've a few new products to try & I'm excited to share them with you & give them a go over the next few days 👌🏽 #imback

Veri Couto 🇵🇹🇧🇷 (@vericky) Instagram Profile Photo

Veri Couto 🇵🇹🇧🇷


Quando você se reencontra... 💖🧚‍♂️ #imback

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