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COURTNEE ROZE (@courtneeroze) Instagram Profile Photo


🚨AVAILABLE ON ALL MAJOR DIGITAL PLATFORMS NOW!🚨CLICK THE LINK IN THE BIO! 👆🏾 . Executive produced & produced by: Courtnee Roze 🔥 After her extended run on the Broadway musical "Summer,” Song writer/ entertainer/producer/ percussionist/ Courtnee Roze continues to devote her time to live performances, fashion - (EYUD) and recording. Her highly anticipated Album- “I Made You Uncomfortable” sets the tone for artistic diversity. 🎉 This exhibition you’re about to experience is one of her most transparent and soul-baring projects to date. Roze ts a vivid picture of colorism, police brutality, life experiences, love interest, and culture.This entire composition was created to share Roze’s truth and also to introduce the world to an elevated level of expression. Courtnee Roze exemplifies a certain level of savvy, confidence, fearlessness and edge that allows her to move into the unimaginable world of creativity. Roze continues to blur the lines between, the African Diaspora, afrobeat, dance, house, pop, rap, soul and world music. Although, a few of the songs on the album has been performed during her electrifying live sets at the worlds famous @joespub in New York City and @kimmelcenter in Philadelphia, it’s never been available for the world to absorb. It was very important for Courtnee Roze to keep the attention of the listener. Therefore, Roze decided to save a few bonus tracks to release during the summer months. With that being said, Courtnee Roze remains a forward-thinking and maverick artist no matter the risk. Unapologetic while embracing of her authentic self. 🎉 IMPORTANT🚨: PLEASE PURCHASE, SHARE & DOWN LOAD THE ALBUM! STREAMS ARE OK, BUT PURCHASING THE BODY OF WORK BENEFITS AND SUPPORTS THE ARTIST FOR A LIFE TIME. TELL A FRIEND TO TELL A FRIEND & THEN OF COURSE, STREAM AWAY!! Thank you to all of the musicians and vocalist your time and gifts! 🎉 MORE BREAKING NEWS🚨!! Next up for Courtnee Roze is one of her biggest performances to date. Roze is not only opening for the legendary Sailf Keita from West Africa on July 13th (7:30pm) @briccelebratebk; but Bric festival will be streaming Courtnee Roze’s music out the world. 🌎

Mur’Roccia dancing 💃 to a hit song I approved this song (LETS GO)❤️❤️❤️@rotimi @only1astagshia @belladocor the 🥵 hottest summer vibes song you going to win awards for this one best EP of the 2019 the great comeback 👊💪🏻music 🔥 &B #iheartradioawards2019 😊

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