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Varsha singh(śhîvū) (@peaceful_wordsssss) Instagram Profile Photo

Varsha singh(śhîvū)

🖤 Bekhayali 🖤 (@bekhayali_) Instagram Profile Photo

🖤 Bekhayali 🖤

K. Davae' (@passionnetamour) Instagram Profile Photo

K. Davae'

Olubunmi Michael Owolade (@uncommon_olubunmi) Instagram Profile Photo

Olubunmi Michael Owolade


All round prosperity and good health is the divine will of God for all and a possibility of All Grace. The prosperity wrapped in Christ includes unsearchable riches, dominion mandate and must correspond with the prosperity of our soul. We live in an era when uncontrollable appetite for quick Money is the order of the day, one thing must be taken into consideration in pursuit for acclaimed green pasture as believers, it is the prosperity of our soul. No amount of possession can satisfy our soul, only Jesus can, going after many things at the detriment of the prosperity of the soul will produce disappointment, frustration, and regrets. Prosperity(Financial, marital, material, emotional, physical, mental) is God's will for us and we must prosper and be in good health, we love God, all things are ours, in Christ we have access to all, our soul is cling to Yahweh, we don't pursue uncontrollably, we have passion for God, we choose all round prosperity, we have good health. Nothing can satisfy our soul except Christ, we refrain from pursuing temporal things at the expense of growth and kingdom principle, we are God's chosen and spiritual people, God supply's all our needs according to his riches in glory, we are wise, we walk in the prosperity wrapped in All Grace, as our soul prospers we take delivery of every prosperity we desire. Be conscious of this truth and I guarantee you unlimited prosperity and good health. . Read my thoughts on @YourQuoteApp #igwriters

sometimes drowning in your own thoughts can give you a sense of clarity. 💡 -A.V #igwriters

Mary SpottedEagleWoman Roberts (@mary.s.e.w) Instagram Profile Photo

Mary SpottedEagleWoman Roberts

One of the few love poems that I've written i don't cringe upon reading 🌹 . @thoughts.ofa.dreamer • • • • • • Day 190, 2018 ... Marriage is not what it used to be, but we can change that. 💖 _ #igwriters

Ms_lady_demigod (@ms_lady_demigod) Instagram Profile Photo


When an incident occurs, don't put the blame on fate or destiny. It is our thoughts and decisions which create those situations. 🖤🖤♥️♥️ #igwriters

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