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Fasil Khan (@tactikhan) Instagram Profile Photo

Fasil Khan

Super stoked on my newest pick up! The Bond Arms Bullpup 💪 definitely going to have to get used to the loading of the Ammo in the wrong way, lol it goes against natural instinct

The Technical AR-15 (@the_technical_ar15) Instagram Profile Photo

The Technical AR-15

is off to a good start. The @hodgedefense upper is a good match for the lower that has been searching for a good mate for some time now. More to follow later #igmilitia (@optics_planet) Instagram Profile Photo

Which color are you choosing?

Tyrant Designs CNC 🇺🇸 (@tyrantcnc) Instagram Profile Photo

Tyrant Designs CNC 🇺🇸

Sleek, timeless and easy to install! Check out the new +5 Mag Extension for the Glock 19

Happiest of birthdays to my crazy awesome niece, Sarah. I know you don’t have an Instagram account but when you break in to your mothers at some point today I hope these photos of us make you smile 🖤 #igmilitia

Before last weekend I was just dot curious... I built the Space Blaster to learn the dot and experiment with a compensated carry gun without permanent modification and it’s quickly become my favorite pistol to shoot by a huge margin. This thing shoots fast, flat, accurate, and has been utterly reliable. We put it through about six seasons in one day in Gunnison over the weekend and it ran like a top. After two classes, one focused specifically on shooting red dot pistols fast, and a number of range practice sessions, I’m all about that red dot life now. The next step is setting up a smaller, cleaner CCW pistol with a red dot (no comp or light) and continuing with deliberate dry and live fire practice to burn in the skills I developed over the weekend. #igmilitia

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