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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Iconic Albums of Generation X: ~ Alice In Chains ~ "Dirt" ~ Yes the word "iconic" gets overused, but with "Dirt", the 2nd album from Alice In Chains, it's an entirely deserved accolade. "Dirt" is one of those rare albums that not only appealed to critics and fans alike, but it also gathered new fans across different genres, peaking at on the Billboard 200 chart (staying on the chart for 106 weeks) and selling 5 million copies worldwide. Released on September 29, 1992, it would be the last album to feature all 4 original members of AiC. (Bassist Mike Starr was fired in January 1993 due to his worsening substance abuse problems). It's rather incredible to think the album was even made, as each member of the band was battling their own addiction issues at the time. But from day one, it wasn't just personal chaos threatening to derail the entire project. In addition to the difficulties afforded by their various addictions, outside the studio door the world literally was burning around them. The location of the Los Angeles recording studio "One On One" (during April to July 1992) meant they were in the city when the L.A. riots broke out, and Jerry Cantrell himself was in a shop targeted by looters. But all of the chaos and turmoil fueled the recording process; turning pain, anger, loss, relationship woes, addiction worries, and mortality fears into one of the most honest, powerful and harrowing expressions of modern nihilism set to a visceral chug. The original AiC burned bright for a brief and brilliant moment in time, leaving us with the murky masterpiece of "Dirt" Tracklist: 1). "Them Bones" 2). "Dam That River" 3). "Rain When I Die" 4). "Down In A Hole" 5). "Sickman" 6). "Rooster" 7). "Junkhead" 8). "Dirt" 9). "God Smack" 10). "Intro / Iron Gland" (not always listed) 11). "Hate To Feel" 12). "Angry Chair" 13). "Would?" NB: Actual track sequencing does vary across different versions and countries. Repost from @madamex4zzz #iconic

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21 kişi ve cinayet huhuhu . . . . . #iconic

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