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Jairo Azofeifa (@jairobuenacalle) Instagram Profile Photo

Jairo Azofeifa

Jairo Azofeifa (@jairobuenacalle) Instagram Profile Photo

Jairo Azofeifa

Just say no to dollar store sunblock. #ichooselife

orangecrush (@wwliving4_me) Instagram Profile Photo


I sauteed onion and sweet potatoes then added egg whites cooked to my liking and added cayenne pepper and chili flakes. A scoop of cottage cheese with it... shared the pan full with my granddaughter. For me this was 3 SP #ichooselife

Kayla Marie Tumangday (@kaymangday) Instagram Profile Photo

Kayla Marie Tumangday

Because if I listened to my everyday, all I would do is sit, sleep, elevate, ice & medicate..... I don't have time for this ✌🏻🖤 Thank you @vibemanx for everything 💙 #ichooselife

Newcastle upon Tyne

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