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đŸŒ·GRECIA XÓCHITL (@greciaxochitl) Instagram Profile Photo


Libertarian Creed (@libertariancreed) Instagram Profile Photo

Libertarian Creed

Prioritizing the rights of the individual requires the humility to realize that someone else may be able to use their resources, earned via their own productivity and voluntary exchanges with others, more effectively than you can. Human motivation and ability to invent and produce are not qualities uniformly distributed throughout humanity. We should value it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #humanpotential

Veronica Δ Montoya (@veronicas.victory.official) Instagram Profile Photo

Veronica Δ Montoya

Dubai Desert

Taking it back to this moment. 😎 . . >>>One of the best LIFE hacks that makes your Spirit soar🎆is your ability to get out of your comfort zone and explore the 🌍 . . >>> I know!! I'm wearing my favourite pants in the middle of the desert 😂 (big Woop right?) But you know what? The World is already present with gifts of its magnificence for you to explore and awaken parts of yourself that will show you the way of what you couldn't even imagine. ✹ . . >>> Reasons why I love to travel is that it pushes my limits and opens my eyes (and heart) to my own capabilities. 🙌 If I can go here, where else could I go? It's like steping stones of achievement that we are capable of pretty much ANYTHING!! Who agrees? . Travel Light and travel far. Xx Vee 😇 💕 . . . . . #humanpotential

Penelope Hall’s Hustle Hub (@penelopejaylifecoach) Instagram Profile Photo

Penelope Hall’s Hustle Hub

If we don’t live true to our Values, we aren’t living life to the fullest of our abilities. 🧡đŸ’Ș☀

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Michael Antonio Quintana

Garden of the Gods Park

I find it hard not to stop and enjoy just how beautiful the state I live in is. Took this during mile 9 of my Sunday evening run. Training for the has been full of ups and downs but scenes like these leave me so inspired to continue pushing myself and see what I capable of. 10 days left until I put myself to the test! . . . . . . . . #humanpotential @mountainpostrecreation @mountainpostliving @visitcos @hprunningseries @coloradoinstagr @cityofcos @coloradocollective

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Houston, Texas

Forearm devastation to the Nth power. @compexusa wireless in combination with some stac pac heavy marching sticks on the @prologixpercussion pad and booooooy!!! That long sigh you hear at the end was me questioning whether this anguish is necessary. It is. @vk_drums holding up the pad greatness! . . . . . . . . #humanpotential

RENAE LOUXSE STRUGNELL (@renaelouxsestrugnell) Instagram Profile Photo


Seriously Like seriouslyyyyyy. What the has been this last month!?? I have experienced some of the most challenging range of emotions and tests. Absolute heart break and turmoil.. Life really tests you on how strong you are. How much can you love yourself. How much can you stay true to your worth. How much can you forgive. How much can you remain heart opened even when it has been crushed and stomped on. There are some bigger things at play I believe. So much clearing happening. So many people leaving peoples lives. Whether its friends or relationships that are no longer a vibrational match. Sickness is plaguing. Its all happening! But this is our time to stake our flag to the earth. To be deeply in your power and strength. To be focused on your vision of your life and all the areas you want to call in at your highest levels. My vision is strong. And the next 90 Days are going to be a huge test! AND I cannot wait to step in deeper to my truth to my leadership to my creativity to my connection with self and others. And step whole heartedly into the frequency of abundance. It begins Who’s else is ready for this life upgrade?

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