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Jo 〰 skin mentor

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Testosterone Deficiency: Hair loss, premature aging, nervousness, salty cravings, impotence, forgetfulness and many other symptoms are caused by testosterone deficiency. These remedies may help.⠀ Subscribe to our newsletter:⠀⠀ Visit our Website:⠀⠀ (link to today's feature articles are in our bio)⠀⠀ #Homeopathy

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Hair loss indicates a personal medical problem concerned with one’s health. If your experiencing hair loss,🙎‍♀ it’s time to take a hair evaluation test🔬 to find out what's the reason behind your hair loss. Book an appointment with our expert to evaluate & find a customized solution to your hair problem. 📞Goa: +91 8087828287 📞Hyderabad: +91 9246373939

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İntegrative Doctor Yuliya

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Calcium. Important points you should know! 🦷99% of Ca stored in your bones and teeth 💪it's needed for muscle contraction and nerve signals ‼️if your Ca intake or absorption is not sufficient your will take it from your bones. ⠀ ⚠️Factors which could cause Ca deficiency: ⭕️suffering from conditions, when your can't absorb Ca (IBD, Crohns) ⭕️lack of stomach acid inhibits absorption of Ca(hypo acidic gastritis or Using of acid lowering medications) ⭕️high phosphorus diet ⭕️taking steroids for prolonged time ⭕️vegan diet ⭕️High protein, sodium diet which causing increased exertion of Ca ⭕️deficient in vitamin D ⭕️consuming large amounts of alcohol ⭕️consuming large amounts of coffee ⭕️menopausal stage in woman ⠀ ✅The best source of Ca is Ca rich food: Milk 🥛, cheese 🧀, yogurt 🥤, fish with bones 🐟, spinach 🍃, kale🥬, tofu, beans 🌱, lentils🌾. ⠀ ‼️Ca supplements could be dangerous! ⠀ ⚠️Too much calcium in your - hypercalcemia - causing nausea, muscle weakness, confusion. ⚠️May increase risk of heart disease by increasing calcification of vessels. ⚠️May increase risk of kidney stones. ⠀ ‼️important note: do not take Ca supplements and do not give them to your children if not advised by your doctor! ⠀ Stay well! With love ❤️


Have you changed your diet habits but you're still not seeing any results? A recent study suggests that the reason may be found inside your gut👨‍🔬 . . Head on over to our page and click on the LINK IN BIO to learn more about how gut microbiome influences weight management!

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