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tueftla (@tueftla) Instagram Profile Photo


We made a load up an image of an using just the 16 colour palette of the old machine 😊 #homecomputer

NewdayOldgame (@newdayoldgame) Instagram Profile Photo


Today: Donkey Kong for the Atari homecomputer. ‘The thrill of the arcade game at home’. It is a decent and official port. #homecomputer

Time Machine by TOAD (@toadtimemachine) Instagram Profile Photo

Time Machine by TOAD

Principality of Asturias

Play again all the classic games with our Time Machine KB Classic. Featuring a SD 128Gb with 49 , thousands of games, , , and programing software, all ready to use!  This week with a 40,00€ discount. Make orders at  #homecomputer 64

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Radio WHAT

Radio WHAT

Reposted from @toadtimemachine - These get your Time Machine Deluxe designed by yourself with 81 combinations. Available on wenge and maple lacquered wood. Now 30,00€ off. Fully in Spain features SD 128Gb, 49 , thousands of games, 3B+ and our exclusive software that includes and , all ready to use! #homecomputer 64 Listen to 501.470.6386 Follow @KeysDAN -

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Let’s get back that 1982 vibe for a moment with these C64 items! 🕹 . Swipe left! . Available 👉 on stock soon!

Federico Salerno (@fedeweb76) Instagram Profile Photo

Federico Salerno

A rare 3” by ! The Sega Compact Floppy Disk is the disk medium for the Super Control Station SF-7000 add-on for the #homecomputer. They were manufactured by Sega and made available alongside the upon release. The Compact Floppy Disk was 3-inches wide, and was also the disk medium of choice for the brand of home computers and . The 3-inch disk standard was not as popular as the 3½-inch or 5¼-inch varieties, and are now considered rare. ######### #

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