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Specter Gear (@realspectergear) Instagram Profile Photo

Specter Gear

Endless Summer Sale!! Summer is here and, once again, it's time for our Endless Summer Sale. Throughout the summer you will find a wide selection of products in our catalog that have been marked down 25% to 50% OFF the retail price. Additionally, we will be offering regular FLASH SALES with even deeper discounts than those listed on the site. A big change for this year is that rather than having to wait for the discount to be applied at checkout, the discounts are very clearly shown on the product pages for the marked down products. * So, enjoy your summer but don't miss out on these tremendous saving while they last because summer actually does eventually end and so will this sale. . . . . #hk91

Ryder Marshall (@doodlz_revan) Instagram Profile Photo

Ryder Marshall

I deffinitly want more battle rifles or 308 DMRs. Will have my scope real soon for the Scar, hopefully. And plenty of stuff I still need to do to the PTR to make it cherry. 🍒👌 What should be next? FAL or M1A? ___________________________________________________ ptr91 91

The Marauder Project (@themarauderproject) Instagram Profile Photo

The Marauder Project

Before anything else, God was a planter who loved to create and watch things grow. Blessed are those whose roots are dug deep into His word and care.

Ryder Marshall (@doodlz_revan) Instagram Profile Photo

Ryder Marshall

I thought about maybe selling this rifle since I never seem to shoot it. I got my PTR about a year ago exactly, and its deffinitly a real cool rifle, just doesnt hold a candle to the Scar 17 in terms of weight, length and functionality. Decided before I go and sell it, I better take it out again and make sure that's something I could live with. Pretty sure it's not, I'm keeping it. First target I shoot is a 8x16 @ 40 yards, the two close ones are a lil under 20 yards away. ___________________________________________________________ 91

Char Mander (@shacktown69) Instagram Profile Photo

Char Mander

Love putting this on display!!! Much better than hiding in a safe. 🇩🇪 #hk91

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