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Mindful brain tip: several times throughout the day check in with yourself and bring your awareness into the present moment. Notice what you are doing and thinking rather then just remaining in auto-pilot. Our attention is being constantly hacked, and we usually get distracted. Most people don’t even notice the fact that their minds wonder from the actual activity they are participating in, to other thoughts and sensations. By practicingΒ  mindfulness you are actively involved in the activity with all your senses instead of allowing your mind to wonder. This mind-wondering leads us to live in auto-pilote mode: and mind in completely disconnected. And also leads to unhappiness. # unplug #heartspace

Ursula Botha (@ursbotha) Instagram Profile Photo

Ursula Botha


Your greatest superpower is.... dum dum dum ... yourself.

Southbourne Beach

Beautiful Yoga session on Southbourne Beach last evening in the warm sunset with the guys from @all_us_men πŸ™ #heartspace

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The Mill France

The Mill France

Cherries πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ When I asked the previous owner of the Mill - who's family have run the flour mill since before 1735 - if the cherries were good for eating, he told me they are better for making alcohol! Due to be a scorcher today. So lucky to be by the river, and this is when the architecture of the house really comes into its own. So much cooler inside. 😍 .. . . Β  Β  artist Β  #heartspaceΒ  Β 

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Denise Ingerl

Berlin, Germany

Do you feel like water as well sometimes? My is in another dimension. Sometimes water sometimes air sometimes fire sometimes earth. Always love.

Jacqueline Lee, MA, LCPC (@positive__psych) Instagram Profile Photo

Jacqueline Lee, MA, LCPC

The same can be said about what we carry in our minds. What are you carrying? Some of us have developed a negative filter overtime. As such, we have conditioned ourselves to notice less of the good and more of the less desirable. With dedication and effort, you can learn to change your filter. Start looking for the good, and you just might find it more often! #heartspace

Intuitive Channel | Soul Coach (@zaiasoul) Instagram Profile Photo

Intuitive Channel | Soul Coach

Reactions are the conditioned mind expressing itself. An open heart can feel past the mental program playing out, and acknowledge the fact that it is only a reflection of what's happening within.

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