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Presen Contreras (@ibericosouthern) Instagram Profile Photo

Presen Contreras

🌸Wellness & Empowerment Coach🔥 (@francesca.braccio) Instagram Profile Photo

🌸Wellness & Empowerment Coach🔥

Buy 3 or more 33%off. Code MFB (@haruhanalittleonesboutique) Instagram Profile Photo

Buy 3 or more 33%off. Code MFB

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Glenn Kjaer

Frederiksberg Have

You get to choose your sisters and brothers in life. Grateful for @cyanha ❤️🙏

Caitlin Agustin (@caitlin.agustin) Instagram Profile Photo

Caitlin Agustin

Lansdowne, Virginia

I have THE BEST workout buddies. @stpdrpnrollnick we missed you this time!

𝐆𝐞𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐢𝐞 🌿 (@georgie.mohi) Instagram Profile Photo

𝐆𝐞𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐢𝐞 🌿

Lake Taupo

Swinging through the week like... 🍃 These weeks are just flying by far too quick! Before i know it my baby will be two. 🙈💛 (zoom into her face 😍)

Genau das mag ich so sehr an diesem Business und nenne dies sehr gerne FREIHEIT! 😎😎 Meinen stinknormalen Mialltag leben: Von Windeln wechseln über Sandkastenplausch. Von Kochen bis 3x mal Tag den Boden wischen. Von Prüfungsvorbereitung mit den Kids bis Elterninformationszettel ordnen. Von Terminplanung bis Einkaufen. Da ist kreuz und quer von A bis Z alles dabei. Ja, es fordert mich und strengt mich an, ich könnte mir aber nichts Besseres vorstellen. Gott sei Dank habe ich so viel Energie! 👊 Und dann? Ja, dann nach einem normalen Montag die Unterlagen packen und zu einem Homeevent gehen! Mit Erfolg, unser Te wächst! 👌 Das sind für mich die Wegweiser, auf dem richtigen Weg zu sein! 🥂 Kennst du deinen persönlichen Weg?

Stephanie Jones (@olive_toby_and_me) Instagram Profile Photo

Stephanie Jones

Yay chard! Olive shared breakfast with me this morning - Allotment chard, egg and sourdough and rye bread 🥖 Chard was tricky to eat but she gave it a go! . . . . . . #healthyfamily

Cooking for Cora (@cookingforcora) Instagram Profile Photo

Cooking for Cora

London, United Kingdom

And we are back! Hello all 👋🏻! How have you been? If you wondered were I’ve been...somewhere exciting, exotic...well, No! In reality I’ve had very lazy few weeks at home, slept in a lot, went on lots of dates with Joel and barely cooked. My mom came to stay with us for a month and spent lots of time with Cora, waking up early with her which meant I could just chill and do lots of things I don’t get many chances to do which I did (no shame!). She left yesterday and we are back to our usual routine and me back to cooking. This morning I really didn’t want porridge, and we had no bread (which we definitely need a break from, particularly Cora because her favourite new words at breakfast time that my mom tough her are toast and butter. Don’t get me wrong, toast with butter are delicious sometimes but after 30 days straight we need a break) so I ended up making a blackberry and banana smoothie bowl with milled linseeds, oats and chia. I served it in the plate but after Cora had a couple of spoons realised it was too runny so transferred to a cup instead to life easier. Recipe below. Blackberry and banana bowl 80g frozen blackberries 1 small banana 1 tbsp milled linseeds 1 tbsp chia seed 3-4 tbsp oats 1-2 cups of milk (of your choice) Add the ingredients to a jug, blitz it up with a handheld mixer and that was it. To serve I topped it with oats, pumpkin seeds and broken blackberries. If you want your smoothie thicker I would suggest to stick to 1 cup of milk.

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