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Edinburgh, United Kingdom

A key to receiving healing from Jesus is to learn to RECEIVE what He has already purchased for us on the Cross. We find the best results to healing prayer come when people don’t try to pray or help God when they’re being prayed for, but instead just relax and receive from the prayer being ministered to them for healing in Jesus’ name. Here’s a typical example of what we consider a ‘dime a dozen’ healing of regular aches & s that are so commonplace in our meetings that we usually don’t share them on social media, sharing instead the more serious or less usual ones. This lady suffered common back . She starts off praying as John is praying for her, but when John encourages her to relax, stop praying and receive, she’s healed instantly. Her response is delightful! We share many of these keys to healing in our regular healing meetings as we pray for people, but we also present teaching in our Healing Seminars where we teach, equip and impart the best of what we know about how to receive healing from Jesus, deal with hindrances to healing and pray effectively for the sick. Our next Healing Seminar is in Auckland in July. All details for Healing Meetings & Seminars are on our website itinerary Our next healing meetings in July are in Brisbane, Cairns, Auckland & Sydney. training

Gospel Center Oron

👉 HEALING TRAINING . 📆 12.10.19 - 13.06.20 🕦 9:00 Uhr 🚌 1610 Oron-la-Ville (CH) 🎫 . This event is a training concerning divine healing. Many local and internationals guest speakers, who have each a different calling and sensitivity. They teach in the respect and the balance based on the Word of God. . training

Tracey Lee Magookin (@points_of_healing) Instagram Profile Photo

Tracey Lee Magookin

Mornington, Victoria

Following a successful Hahnemann Healing Practitioner Training Course, the new dates are now available! Don’t miss out on the next 6 day Hahnemann Healing Training Course beginning in September! With so many people looking for a more natural alternative to healing, Hahnemann Healing is a wonderful modality to help others feel better about themselves so they can make the positive changes needed to move forward in life. This can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience, knowing you’ve been able to help support those you’re close to and others in need. Accreditation in this deep, gentle healing modality may be what you have been looking for. Register your interest at as places are limited! Or you can contact Tracey on 0418533745. . . .

Eric's Spiritual School (@ericvanriessen) Instagram Profile Photo

Eric's Spiritual School

Gister is er een groep klaar met de healing opleiding die ik naast de mediumopleiding geef. Het waren weer fantastische dagen in een fantastische groep. Aankomende week ga ik de nieuwe groep inplannen doe je ook mee? training

På nätterna kommer dom djupaste tankarna fram ✨ Jag har aldrig fått lära mig innebörden av tillit. Hela livet har jag varit omringad av svek, lögner och vilsenhet. Och att allt jag säger och tror på är fel, det jag gör är fel. Det har känts som att hela min existens har varit fel så många gånger. Men jag känner endå mig själv tillräckligt för att veta att det inte finns många som mig där ute. Som är ärliga, som tror på rättvisans sanna natur trots mothugg. Den lilla flickan som trodde på rättvisa tror fortfarande på rättvisa i alla dess vackra former 🙏 En dag är det min tur och sluta vara vilsen och den dagen välkomnar jag av hela min kropp och själ 🌄💖 När jag känns osäker, då behöver jag någon som är helt säker ✨ #healingtraining

ENERGY RELEASE HEALING 🌈🙌🏼🌈 (@thaimassageibiza) Instagram Profile Photo


Ibiza, Spain

Oh yeas! I have big news! I'm proudly announce we have @mariskadeheus just got certified in my so after learn all the sequences, all the procedures and contents, received my she is ready to practise this amazing ! 🌈🙌🏼🌈 ☆She will start for a while to practise on donation as part of the training so I'm inviting you to enjoy this big opportunity...and be quick because it won't last long! She is very talented 💖 Again my best congratulations Mariska, has been such a pleasure share with you this amazing , now is time for you to !🌈 Practise practise practise!💖 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU 🙏 . . . For and info check my bio or email @thaimassageibiza #healingtraining

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