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Scott Campbell

Hard to kill, easy to love. Happy Father’s Day old man. . . #hardtokill


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Rocco Ryan

A little slow on the reload but @whitleyc41's commentary is motivational. #hardtokill


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to all real gangsters out there


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No Drama Fitness

Obsessing over food is tiring. Simplify and enjoy food again. The NO DRAMA summer nutrition challenge starts Monday! DM us to get started. @vanjewatson with @repostsaveapp ・・・ Do you know how to eat well and have your cake too??? Healthy eating doesn't mean cutting out EVERYTHING. It means learning what to eat 90% of the time and then how to be disciplined in the extras that other 10%. I am super passionate about improving people's relationship to food. Less guilt. Less fear. Less stress. Join me online for the next 3 weeks learning about how to eat well and feel better about what is fueling your health. To register send me a message ! Cost is $80. We start Monday. Register asap! #HARDTOKILL




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Black Market S & C LLC

Souderton, Pennsylvania

For my tribe, I live and I die. The program, every action, all struggle is for them and for the future of our tribe. As fathers, we must be the embodiment of strength, courage, honor, and will. We are the immovable object, the lighthouse in the hurricane. Often battered and weather worn but still standing in pure defiance. Be their hero or they will find another to idolize. Children are our legacy. We have but this one chance. Live with purpose, live with conviction, live powerfully. Hail the all-father, Odin! Hail the fathers! Hail our fathers, fathers, fathers! * * “I dedicate myself fully to my tribe. I am a warrior and I am honor bound to sacrifice myself upon the alter of folk. I will not falter in my duties to my tribe. I will live in power until my last defiant, dying breath. A line of ancestors stands behind me and I hold their mighty banner high on this battlefield. Before me, I see my children, my legacy, and the continuation of my people.” -Doc #hardtokill



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