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Shantael Raphael

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Atlanta, Georgia

Roasted chestnut πŸ˜‹ Let’s talk the importance of toner. I’ve recently came across many post regarding this, so here’s my input. Toners are a MUST. In every lightening service, toners are included in price and service. So what exactly do they do? When lightening the cuticle is left exposed and open. Toners go in and cancel out/ or enhance the tones that are exposed in the underlying pigment. Let’s face it, we none lift to a beautiful, icy, or even warm or caramel tone. Toners are what are used to create the tones that we desire. BUT- Just as any other color- they fade. When they fade the cuticle is back exposing the brassy or yellow unwanted tone. That is the number one reason that my clients are on a schedule with regular treatments & toner every 8 weeks. Depending on home care maintenance and porosity of the hair (& many other factors) the average toner last 6-8 weeks. This lady came in after 13 weeks and got freshened up and is still just as beautiful as the day we painted! The beauty of trusting your stylist and staying on a regular schedule for services ensure the prettiest color year round πŸ’• toned with @wellahairusa & finished off with @trussprofessional champagne prime spray. πŸ’•

Hair By Laura Mckechnie (@hair_by_laura_mckechnie) Instagram Profile Photo

Hair By Laura Mckechnie

Swipe for the before πŸ™ˆ Dorothy struggled to find a hairdresser to take the time to pack in the old foils back to back and very fine sections! Lucky she found me πŸ₯³πŸ€­ 3 hours later she had brand new hair!! And a smile from ear to ear πŸ’—

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