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Carl Kuhnke (@sagarmory) Instagram Profile Photo

Carl Kuhnke

The deep state is real and its deeper than most people think. . . . . Reposted from @_therussianbot - Google exec talking prevention on Trump winning again. - . . . . . lifestyle

Been thinking of selling the XD40 to get another CCW gun. I hate selling guns (ask the wife she knows haha), but I guess it's okay if your replacing it right? lifestyle

Spotter Up Tactical Solutions (@spotterup) Instagram Profile Photo

Spotter Up Tactical Solutions

Displacement. “We are all suffering the same illness. There is a sickness until death. Life is a cipher and therefore man is a puzzle to his brother just as he is a puzzle to himself. Two blades of grass can stand together upon a hill without ever a day of disharmony between them but two men cannot stand side by side without some kind of inner conflict due to their warring natures. We are all suffering from the same curse of loneliness, and we are all dulled to death by an expectancy that there is more to life than order or chaos and to its final solution. A millennia hence and we still feel the rawness of loss from being pushed out of the of a stranger and the garden into danger. Marked for life. We do not know mother’s face any longer. We must try to love another in a world of wanderers where we cannot know what they know nor can they ever fully know us. Lost tongues and forgotten words, life with a nightly struggle for cohesion on terms that we cannot comprehend, while in the morning abandoning what we discovered. What is our noblest expression of ourselves before we die and can we capture what is was to be that way again? Out of our death comes the food that brings the flower and the blades of grass that can stand side by side. Our spirit is stillborn until ultimate death. Union.”~Michael Kurcina beautiful Image by @dodger8727 check him out!

Spotter Up Tactical Solutions (@spotterup) Instagram Profile Photo

Spotter Up Tactical Solutions

The Seeker: For those new to Spotterup we are more than just about apparel and informational articles. We are about discovery. Simply, we are all about finding solutions to problems by choosing to learn and choosing to lead. In the end we believe this leads to a person becoming self-actualized. There are no victims here. We ask people to have open minds and to think problems through to their conclusion which should beget a solution. We write about loss, warrior coda, humility, honor, pride and a whole lot more. We seek to inspire and understand where we fit in this world despite wounds from divorce, combat, child abuse or anything else that injures the soul. We are here for men and women who fight, for those who don’t know how, and for those who want to learn how. We are about redemption and spreading the word that by doing the work, by building community that you can get parts of you to being healthier or healed. Follow our brand and grow. Join our community and follow our website or instagram page. Image of @daniel_p0sey give him a follow!

Maxim Defense (@maximdefense) Instagram Profile Photo

Maxim Defense

What does the Maxim Defense PDX mean to you? It means groundbreaking power and performance in a subcompact platform.⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ Photo by @Youngbuckdave⠀ #gunslifestyle

L2D Combat (@l2d_combat) Instagram Profile Photo

L2D Combat

This L2D Pistol was completed using our Complete Upper Parts Kit. All kits are comprised of the highest quality components utilizing certified 17-4 Stainless Steel, premium springs and OEM Glock polymer parts for exceptional performance, service life, and reliability. ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ Photo by @GregSkazPhotography⠀ #gunslifestyle

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