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Shooter Opinions (@shooter_opinions) Instagram Profile Photo

Shooter Opinions

Grayboe stocks family photo. I've been doing some work with Grayboe stocks since before they even launched. If you're looking for a quality fiberglass epoxy stock and dont want to go broke or wait 6 months, then check them out @grayboe . . Top to bottom: @alamoprecisionrifles 6.5 creedmoor on a @curtis.custom action and Grayboe Ridgeback. . @vudoogunworks Ravage 22lr in a Grayboe Ridgeback . @alamoprecisionrifles .223 rem on a truest Rem 700 in a Grayboe Renegade. . @tikkafirearms T3 308 in a Grayboe Tikka Terrain stock. . #grayboe

Grayboe (@grayboe) Instagram Profile Photo


Great shot from @texasplinking - "Each time I bring this rifle out I’m reminded just how much I love it. Shoots so flat, has next to no recoil, simply no questions asked it puts it where it’s supposed to. For those new around here, this is my @alamoprecisionrifles Ranger in 6.5 Creedmoor & @steineropticsusa T5XI 5-25x56 suppressed with the @advancedarmamentcorp SDN-6. This setup and a box of factory ammo (@hornadymfg .140 BTHP American Gunner) and you’ll have yourself a good time guaranteed." . . #grayboe rifle

Lothar Walther  USA (@lotharwalther_usa) Instagram Profile Photo

Lothar Walther USA

Serge Ducourneau set a new world record last week with a Vudoo V22 (US produced Lothar Walther barrel). Congratulations Serge and Vudoo! @vudoogunworks (@get_repost) ・・・ This past weekend Vudoo was able to participate in the NightForce ELR Steel Challenge. We ran a 22 ELR side match on stage 22. . Competitors engaged 12x12" targets with 3 shots each at 190 yards, 285 yards, and 450 yards, for a chance at winning our Ridgeback V22. The last target, at 450 yards, was also at the required distance to set a new ELR central world record. . Competitor Serge Ducourneau was able to go 2 for 3 on target 1 and then 3 for 3 on the farther 2 targets to clinch the stage win, win the V22 rifle, AND set a new 22 ELR world record all in one go! (subject to review and verification) This confirms Vudoo's dominance in the rimfire world as all of the 3 world records have been set with Vudoo V22s. Congratulations to Serge on his great accomplishment. . Gear: Vudoo V22, Grayboe Ridgeback stock, 17" Lothar Walther Barrel, SK Match Ammunition, NightForce 5-25 ATACR F1, SPUHR one-piece scope mount, Timney 510u trigger, SilencerCo Sparrow suppressor, Modular Evolution Bipod. . #grayboe

Kevin G (@bama308) Instagram Profile Photo

Kevin G

@grayboe (@get_repost) ・・・ Woodland camo Renegade stock with an adjustable cheek piece done by @taylorprecision is a perfect match for this Vudoo Ravage. . . #grayboe

Alamo Precision Rifles

Available now: APR Custom 6.5 Creedmoor 24" K&P Sendero 1-8 w/ Ratchet Fluting Threaded 5/8x24 w/ Thread Protector APR Hunter Action Hawkins DBM Trigger Tech Primary Grayboe Renegade - APR Desert Sponge Camo Barreled Action Cerakoted Midnight Bronze Weight 10.4lbs Price $2878 #grayboe

clint swartz (@clswartz89) Instagram Profile Photo

clint swartz

Can’t believe how much recoil and rifle jump was decreased. #grayboe

Grayboe (@grayboe) Instagram Profile Photo


1 of 3: sweet desert panorama to kick off the weekend. Check profile for full image. . . Build: 24 inch sendero profile barrel with ratchet fluting on the APR Hunter action. Stock is a desert camo Ridgeback mounted to the DLOC Head-S. . . #grayboe

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