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Exploring Moments Photography (@exploring_m_p) Instagram Profile Photo

Exploring Moments Photography

Woodland Lake Park

Long time no post I suppose. Here’s a shot from a few days ago of my absolutely precious grandmother. Honestly too sweet to be true. #grandparents

Midsummer feelings - so great days we spent in our island cottage! My guitar got a real player ❤️ and sounds enjoying. Keskikesä ja lomapäivät tulivat tarpeeseen ja olivat nautinto kaikille. Ilman nykyajan digi- ja älylaitteita ja ilman stressiä tekemättömistä asioista; yhdessäoloa, saunomista savusaunan hämärissä ja naurua, kalaonnea..noh, putosi joku läpi laituristakin🙈, siitä ehkä myöhemmin..Kiitos rakkaat 💚💞💜 Thank You my loved ones! Taas jaksaa. #grandparents

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norman tiglao

"I will always search for my own place under the sun and my happiness while being responsible with other people." #grandparents

Анастасия Михайлевич (@odessaanastasia) Instagram Profile Photo

Анастасия Михайлевич

Соня с #grandparents . Пока мама болеет 🤒🤧Соня зажигает на вечеринках 🤣 День рождения племяшечки.

The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is undeniably among the purest forms of love that exists. Whether an odd weekend or an entire vacation, time with the grandkids is something that all grandparents look forward to. Here are some ways which you can create a blanket of security strengthening your bond further. #Grandparents

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