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Shiori Silver (@helloshiori) Instagram Profile Photo

Shiori Silver

Graffiti Alley

Love is indeed in the hair #graffitialley PC 📸: @antonyankeefan

Melanie Quinn 🍈 (@melonotter) Instagram Profile Photo

Melanie Quinn 🍈

Toronto, Ontario

thinking about toronto lately 🌃 #graffitialley

kinda love this shot from my first roll of film hehe; a graffiti alley in cambridge | #graffitialley

Johnny Riggs (@riggsjohnny) Instagram Profile Photo

Johnny Riggs

As I was posting my last picture a dude pulled up in a car about 20 feet away with the driver’s side window rolled down and mumbled something. I didn’t recognize him so I just looked back at my phone. He said something else. Now, I’m a 57 year old rock radio DJ who has been going to live shows since 1969 and I’ve literally seen thousands of live bands, plus I worked for 30 years in a medium where I had expensive headphones on cranked up all the way for four hours every day. It’s a neighborhood that has and other problems so I figured he thought I was a potential customer. I didn’t know what he was saying still, but I said “nah, I’m good” and went back to my phone again. Now he says “Yo, come here” to which I replied “what, do you have some candy for me?” And I lifted my shirt to show him my bandages and said “dude I just had an operation. You come here if it’s important”. Idk what the he wanted. This city, man. If I wasn’t an ex-junkie I might be offended by the people who approach me. Anyway, beautiful piece huh? #graffitialley

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