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Marijke Vasey (@marijkevasey) Instagram Profile Photo

Marijke Vasey

The Goldsmiths MFA Show opens on the 18th of July. 'Second Contact' 150x120 cm. Oil, Acrylic and Spray paint on Canvas, is one of the new paintings I will be showing. #goldsmithsmfa

irene adorni (@irene_adorni) Instagram Profile Photo

irene adorni

Ben Pimlott Building

‘Never present in position, only ever in passing.’ 🔜 @goldsmithsmfa degree show! Pv 18th of July, 6-9! #goldsmithsmfa

Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art (@goldsmithsmfa) Instagram Profile Photo

Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art

London, United Kingdom

@annie_goliath here again on the Goldsmiths takeover. More info: Meet Blue_10010101 and Pandora, the central characters in my moving image piece that forms part of the installation 'Pandora's Box', to be exhibited at the upcoming MFA Degree Show! This science fiction narrative is set in a future dystopia that along with exploring questions about consciousness, references the cultural historian and author Rianne Eisler's cultural transformation theory, which proposes that societies used to mostly follow a partnership of civilisation but over time, this gave way to a largely, dominator of civilisation still prevalent today. In the 2nd video still the ghost of Pandora dances in the ruins of the Palace of Knosses on the island of Crete, built by the ancient Minoan civilisation believed to be a historical example of a once, thriving partnership society. #goldsmithsmfa

Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art (@goldsmithsmfa) Instagram Profile Photo

Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art

London, United Kingdom

Hi. It's @annie_goliath taking over the MFA account for the next 2 days! These are two images taken from a recent group event at the Old Operating Theatre Museum, alongside fellow talented, Goldsmiths students @f.f.haglund , @ahren_warner, @portia__lee, @avcorroon, @yiling.wo, @irene_adorni, @jg_lifeboy, Ikita Eirei, Tessa Brown, Kyle Austin Kruse and facilitated by the PHD student @muratadash. My performance explored notions of consciousness through the lens of an experimental composition derived from collaging together snippets of reported near-death experiences taken from historical and present-day sources. I will be performing this at the upcoming MFA Degree Show (18-23 July), as part of my installation 'Pandora's Box'. The composition is influenced by the rich history of drone, experimental and jazz music made in collaboration with the phenomenally gifted composer Black Astronaut! Combining these genres attempts to echo these collective memories weaved together from an otherworldly realm reportedly existing in-between or beyond linear time and the limited, materialist view of consciousness. Photograph credits to the equally brilliant @adam_zzzzzyd and @routinewasp. #goldsmithsmfa

⚡️Taylor⚡️ (@highfashionhockey) Instagram Profile Photo


Taught Me Nothing. 2019 acrylic on paper! Come see this and much more if you’re in San Francisco at “Toil & Joy” opening on July 6th at Provoke Gallery! artist art #goldsmithsmfa

Christopher Hartmann (@hartmann.christopher) Instagram Profile Photo

Christopher Hartmann

Detail of a new I'm working on. WIP . . . . . mfa

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