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Danielle Perrotta

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Shelby McGrady

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Juanky López

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▪ E L I S H A ▪ S C O T T ▪

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Marissa Daily

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Zac Fann

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Molly White

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Saso Kozby Stojkovski

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Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

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Florencia Scarpatti

- this song is so cute!!! 💜🖤(Ik the front pic is her singing nasa lol) please like and follow (every Ariana fan account gets a follow back) have the best day in the world🖤 * Tags: @arianagrande * Q: fav sweetener song?? A (mine): This and every time *follow @ariana.our.goddess (me) for more💕* * * Tags * * * #goals

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Sarah Mowery / Very Serious

Mammoth Lakes, California

It took years of telling myself I need to go to therapy to ACTUALLY start going to therapy but I started going to therapy and so far I have mixed feelings about it, akin to the mixed feelings I have toward asparagus and classical music, i.e. I enjoy and knowingly benefit from it but I don't feel... excited? about it? Until I'm in it. What I excited about is one of the several conclusions that's come from my sessions thus far, and that is: I'm ready for a thru hike. I've been ready but now I'm really ready to commit and shift focus and talk about it and make meaningful progress toward finishing what I set out to do in 2018. See, I miss the trail. It wasn't an experience of uninterrupted joy by any means, but it was a place of clarity and purpose. I knew what I was doing, and it meant something to me. Now, I'm drawn back to the simplicity and connection of nature, but also to go back out there and challenge myself further. I want to push myself past what I think are my limits, and find out what lies beyond. PCT 2020. Consider this the official announcement. The hardest part starts now: Saving money, prepping mind and body, and staying motivated to get to the trailhead in 9-10 months. This thru hike will be the first step in a larger goal I've set for myself to hike all 11 National Scenic Trails. They comprise about 18,425 miles in total. So be on the lookout for my completion post in about... 20 years 😅 But first, we goin' back to Cali. Back to Mile 0. pic from around this time last year when @co_lot tracked me down in a Mmoth Lakes cpground. #goals

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That's just what I need🖤 Follow @freakyhickeys (me) for more! #goals

Venha conferir a nossa loja de perto! 📍 Ficamos Shopping Balneário, Térreo na loja 3. Como chegar nela? Entre pela entrada do Bradesco na Ana Costa, e já e a segunda loja 😉 . . 🗓 Funcionamos de segunda à sábado das 11h às 21h | E domingo das 15h às 21h! . . . 🚫 Não fazemos reservas! . . . . . #goals

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