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Atarraya Works 🤖⚡️ (@atarrayaworks) Instagram Profile Photo

Atarraya Works 🤖⚡️

Panama City, Panama

Con este boomerang presentamos nuestras lámparas de acrílico🤖⚡️ • La base es de madera con un botón táctil. Tienen siete colores diferentes de luz y puedes elegir tu favorito o dejarlos cambiando. • ¡Tenemos en mente unos diseños genia!🤘🏼En esta oportunidad diseñamos una personalizada para @rubsdj #glowforge

Big Blue Laser Designs (@bigbluelaserdesigns) Instagram Profile Photo

Big Blue Laser Designs

I really love how these paper clip inspired photo holders came out. There's a tall and a shorter, wider center clip option and I really dig the extra "pieces" that go in the front slots to further customize the feel. My wife is a teacher and a department head, so I'm going to make a set with the school logo to go in one of the front slots. I'm excited to see what else I can do to customize them! Want your own laser-ready SVG? Instant download a copy of the file at Link in profile! #glowforge

Big Blue Laser Designs (@bigbluelaserdesigns) Instagram Profile Photo

Big Blue Laser Designs

Wall Paper Clip Photo Holder (SVG laser cut file) We love displaying pictures of loved ones, cards, and motivational phrases to help us remember the things that matter the most, and a file like this helped me make just the thing! The various in the paper clips allow you to put just about any size photo or card on the wall and it comes with two small holes to hang it from. You can use wood or acrylic to cut yours with - the only recommendations I would make is that you use a relatively thin material so that the parts of the paper clips can flex easily. Get your Laser-ready cut file today! Link in profile. #glowforge

San Dimas, California

Designed and printed some custom encasements for the neodymium magnets I use to hold down materials on the #glowforge tray.

Matchstick Media Inc. ( Instagram Profile Photo

Matchstick Media Inc.

Burlington, North Carolina

Oh how I wish “inspiration” and “panic” weren’t so synonymous. It’s incredibly annoying. #glowforge

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