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Dallas Wissemann Photography

#ашотлиана😘 (@liana_mxitaryan92) Instagram Profile Photo


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Bill Crossbi

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エ リ カ

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Antonio Joseph

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Matriarch Hill Safari.

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Spoons Photography-art

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Puput Mika Anggraeni

Can leaf without you🌿🍃 . . . . . #giraffe

I spy with my little eye.... #giraffe

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Julia Sharafutdinova

Kyiv, Ukraine

Ну что, готовы врываться в рабочую неделю?) #giraffe

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Simone Melloni

Zoo di Pistoia

Its main features of the giraffe are the extremely long neck and legs, the horn-like ossicons and the peculiar coloring of the coat. They generally live in savannahs, grasslands and open wooded areas. Their main food source is acacia leaves, which graze at heights that most other herbivores cannot reach. Giraffes are prey to lions; the young are also hunted for leopards, spotted hyenas and wild dogs. The males establish social hierarchies through the "necking", that is to say fights involving the use of the neck as a weapon of offense. The dominant males obtain the privilege of mating with the females, on which bears the entire responsibility for the breeding of the young. Due to its peculiar appearance, the giraffe has been the object of attraction for various cultures, both ancient and modern, and has often been represented in paintings, books and cartoons. • • • #giraffe @nikoneurope @nikonitalia #©simonemelloniphotography

Dubois Msafiri (@duboismsafiri) Instagram Profile Photo

Dubois Msafiri

Masai Mara National Reserve

What a magical shot🦒🦒 by @nisha.purushothaman🥰😍! Aren't these two adorable? They are! . . . . . . . . . #giraffe

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