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Sinsa  Design ( Instagram Profile Photo

Sinsa Design

life with tangy wife (@housewifetaleblog) Instagram Profile Photo

life with tangy wife

Satori / Shopping La Paz (@satoristoreshopping) Instagram Profile Photo

Satori / Shopping La Paz

La mínima para mañana 3 grados . Yo que vos vengo por un sweater abrigadito y con mucha onda . Además te llevas de regalo una 🎁 Giftcard de $300 para tu próxima compra #giftcard

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⏹️NUEVAS, GIFT CARD 🎁✨ . ✨Que son las gift card? Son tarjetas que funcionan como un vale, es decir, que se abonan previamente y pueden usarse más adelante. Si querés hacer un regalo sorpresa y que la persona a la que le vas a hacer el regalo pueda elegir sus propias fotos, podés regalarle una gift card válida por la cantidad de fotos que quieras o por cualquiera de nuestras promos (ej: promo led, promo yute) vos elegís 😉 //Respondemos consultas por privado 💌 . . 📷 Envíanos tus fotos ❣️ 📧 . . #giftcard

NK style by NATALKA KARAVAIEVA ( Instagram Profile Photo


NK STYLE by Natalka Karavaieva

Дорогие друзья ,подарочные сертификаты уже давно стали самыми распространёнными презентами🎁 на любой праздник . 〰️ В NK STYLE вы можете приобрести сертификат ! 〰️ Салон красоты NK STYLE by Natalka Karavaieva — территория индивидуальности . 〰️ 〰️ г.Херсон ,ул.Театральная (Горького),19 тел. : +38(050)828-34-78 +38(068)384-24-24 +38(0552)42-54-01 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ #giftcard

Ohhhh Thanks so much everyone who liked my photo(I srsly appreciate it!!)and gave me a chance to win a first prize🏆at H&M styling, modeling and photoshoot contest♥️ I couldn’t get this opportunity without you guys’ supports and loves!! ♥️xoxo Here’s the photos that gave me this honorable moment of my life♥️♥️➡️ Love y’all💖✨ #giftcard

Sweepstakes Den (@sweepstakes_den) Instagram Profile Photo

Sweepstakes Den

Win a $1,000 Industry West Gift Card from Hunker | Sweepstakes Den , #GiftCard, , , ,

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Coin Sensei

Wall Street, New York

Visa CEO Downplays Technological Advances of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains Visa CEO, Alfred F. Kelly Jr, recently claimed that blockchains and cryptocurrencies will not be useful to the credit card company and Visa is already a great fintech accomplishment. Kelly added during his speech at Boston College Executives’ Club in the United States that blockchains and cryptocurrencies were designed to handle low-volume and high-value transactions. Kelly then argued that Visa provides the exact opposite of these types of transactions and said that cryptocurrencies and blockchains are “an interesting technology…[but] [i]t isn’t really at its core, for us, a good technology.” He also added that he believed that cryptocurrencies could never reach the level of transactions that Visa currently handles. Nevertheless, Kelly did still admit that there was room for innovation at Visa, especially in the B2B department. Visa has a dedicated team of 275 experts in California, United States working on Visa B2B Connect, which is inspired from blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Kelly went on to describe how nearly half of the company’s 17,000 employees work in a technology division as engineers or cybersecurity specialists. The Visa CEO took a heavy-handed negative stance towards cryptocurrencies, which is partially to be expected from a business stand point since cryptocurrencies are direct competition to his business and hopes to make the industry obsolete. However, some of his comparisons were misleading of the true potential and capabilities of cryptocurrencies . #giftcard

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