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Amazing brunch cooked by Me🍳🥔 Only 437 Calories! . . . . . . . . . . . #friedpotatoes

Clean plate club. Youngest after a particularly bad day at school really needed some comfort food and then a spot of sofa time with a duvet while enjoying the company of Lemony Snicket and his stories of adventure and woe. So supper had to be potato rosti, good old baked beans and a delicious fried duck egg provided by our lovely ducks this morning. Both polished ours off while youngest washed his down with some Russet Apple juice from @wroxhambarns and I went for some grape juice. Pretty certain it counts as one of your 5 a day. Happy Hump Day. #friedpotatoes

Spicy Grill Sport Bar 🍻 🍔🍷🥗🍰 (@spicygrillsportbar) Instagram Profile Photo

Spicy Grill Sport Bar 🍻 🍔🍷🥗🍰

Centro Hispano Aragua

El Videoarbitraje tuvo una incidencia notoria, al haber anulado de forma correcta dos goles del conjunto brasileño y se mantuvo el cero en el marcador. Las selecciones de Brasil y Venezuela empataron a cero este martes, con el VAR como principal protagonista de la contienda al haber anulado de manera correcta dos goles para la canarinha. En el marco de la segunda fecha de la fase de grupos del Grupo A, Brasil y Venezuela empataron sin goles este martes en el Arena Fonte Nova de la ciudad de Salvador de Bahía, en un partido vibrante y lleno de emociones, en el que el VAR favoreció al elenco vinotinto nuevamente (ya habían anulado dos goles a Perú en el primer partido). Ven y apoya a Nuestra Vinotinto a Spicygrillsportbar! Disfruta de esta Copa América en el Mejor lugar! • • • • #friedpotatoes

Chip Reviews 🤓🥔 (@chipalytics) Instagram Profile Photo

Chip Reviews 🤓🥔

Los Angeles, California

REVIEW: 🇺🇸Pringles Wavy Classic Salted Ha, of course I liked these more than the Wavy Smoked Gouda. I’m so basic 😂 But these are more a callback to Original Pringles, as well as what I like about Pringles in general. It’s the very distinct and heavily processed potato chip base, but for some reason when there’s no other flavors other than the processed-potato + salt, it’s much better. Maybe because the potato flavor is so specific, that with additional flavor it just makes the whole thing kind of an overkill/mess. These were not bad though! They’re the Pringle you know and love, but in a slightly slightly thicker, wavy . I say because the texture is still the same as your normal Pringle, very fine with no texture other than crisp dryness (I swear, I don’t hate Pringle’s, this is just how I’m describing it). The composition is the same, but the carrier is a uniformly wavy crisp that still breaks well and offers a bit more of heftiness to the snack. The chips are all salted fairly consistently, of course I prefer the heavier salted ones, but these are not underflavored. I guess they could be slightly bland for those seeking high flavor, but the blandness to me allows the crisp engineering stand out more. - 📍@ralphsgrocery, Studio City So what’s going on with this chip? Here are its highly scientific stats: Saltiness: MEDIUM-HIGH Flavor level: MEDIUM Thickness: THIN-MEDIUM Opinion ratings (1-10): Crunch: 8.1 Texture: 8.2 Flavor: 8.0 Overall: 8.1 — — 🔔 Turn on post notifications!

Ethan's Home Cooking 👨‍🍳 (@ethan_lovesfood) Instagram Profile Photo

Ethan's Home Cooking 👨‍🍳

I was inspired to make this bbq spatchcock chicken and home fries by one of my favorite Instagram cooks @juicy_appetite who always posts the most delicious chicken and recently some to die for fried potatoes that left me wanting! . . . #friedpotatoes 🐫

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