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Dominique Bennett (@glittermaysiebug) Instagram Profile Photo glittermaysiebug

Dominique Bennett


image by Dominique Bennett (@glittermaysiebug) with caption : "Things need a bit of a tidy but Sundays with #80stm on phonic fm then Sarah’s #my80s and #forgotten80s to round it all o" - 1712495246355927612
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Things need a bit of a tidy but Sundays with on phonic fm then Sarah’s and #forgotten80s to round it all off perfect

Alasdair Mackenzie (@strictlytrue) Instagram Profile Photo strictlytrue

Alasdair Mackenzie


image by Alasdair Mackenzie (@strictlytrue) with caption : "Wilson, the Manchester #moose, official #moose of #forgotten80s on #absolute80s" - 1708229520446020780
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Wilson, the Manchester , official of #forgotten80s on

The Lavender Luxury (@thelavenderluxury) Instagram Profile Photo thelavenderluxury

The Lavender Luxury


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...everything is flow... to coincide with my bday weekend that just past, it makes perfect sense to do a "Champagne Saturday" post (or toast), & since i wont be in MPLS this week for all the shows & festivities prior to the city hosting the Super Bowl (which i damn sure aint watching), i figured i would do a classic & #Forgotten80s post, featuring a moment in time group i have always meant to do a vinyl tribute of on IG: ...even though i love their only Paisley Park album (1986) & could easily post 5 or 6 different songs off that LP, i chose the non-LP b-side to the 7" release of "Stroke" --- "Champagne Saturday" which was produced, arranged & written by BrownMark (of Prince & The Revolution fame of course) & inconspicuously & sadly left off of their 1st album (they released their 2nd & final album a few years later on Motown before disbanding)... i can really delve in deeper with Mazarati's history with Prince & even Craig Screamer Powell's early The Stylle Band beginnings (who my homey Dâm-Funk has posted music from previously), however i can only type so much in these captions haha... but to celebrate my past weekend, it was only fitting that i bring to light this beautiful instrumental piece done by Mazarati's members: (minus Sir Casey Terry's vocals) Tony Christian, Craig "Screamer" Powell, Romeo, Marr Starr, Aaron Paul Keith, & Kevin "Blondie" Patricks, that along with the rest of their PaisleyPark music has NEVER been digitally released for download officially... ▪The Lavender Luxury▪

image by Tom (@tomsvinyltracks) with caption : "Sandra - (I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena 12" Picture Disc 1985. Limited edition." - 1702325194520915821
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Sandra - (I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena 12" Picture Disc 1985. Limited edition.

image by @ellibin1 with caption : "Me & Morgers #forgotten80s #ghettogolfliverpool"- 1702095515751019236
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Me & Morgers #forgotten80s

image by @ellibin1 with caption : "#forgotten80s #tweetup #Liverpool"- 1702093777773856046
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