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Beautiful Makeup Search

Forest fires are one of the main reasons for global warming and loss of wild life. At times it can be natural but most of the times it is due to human carelessness. It’s high time we take potential measures and be more responsible towards our Mother Nature. Shot in my hometown, the picture is a sad reality that needs to be taken care of sooner than later. “These are not magical flames, these are the manifestations of a burning reality”

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@andre_trigueiro • • • • • • Floresta protegida tem mais valor econômico do que devastada. Um hectare de floresta em pé vale mais (pelos serviços ambientais que realiza) que a mesma área ocupada por soja ou gado. Até o agronegócio reconhece: não é preciso destruir uma árvore sequer p/produzir mais. Acorda Brasil! fire

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Alaska Lens

Smokey sunset #forestfire

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OBM Haber

İzmir, Turkey

.. Orman yangınlarının %95' nin biz insanların ihmal ve dikkatsizliğinden çıktığını biliyor musunuz ? . Ormanları Koruyalım Önce Kendimizden . Alo 177 Ücretsiz Orman Yangın İhbar Hattı . @ogmgovtr . . . . . . . OBMHaber/Twitter OBMHaber/Instagram İletişim . fire @bekirkaracabey_ @bekirpakdemirli @halukleventacil

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@greenpeacenl • • • • • • Het Amazonewoud is een thuis voor Inheemse gemeenschappen en een hotspot voor biodiversiteit, maar het wordt ernstig bedreigd. Ontbossing van het Amazonewoud moet stoppen! We hebben het nodig tegen de klimaatcrisis. Teken de petitie via de link in de bio! fire

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Bordeaux Expats

Gironde, Aquitaine, France

🌲 Trees and Fire don't mix 🔥 Coming from Australia, I was raised to be aware of potential risks when it comes to bush fires. God knows that we've had some horrible experiences. 🐨 This got me thinking, are there prevention or awareness campaigns in France that I have been missing? 🤔 The forests in Gironde are mainly found towards the coast in the 'Massif forestier des Landes de Gascogne', where these awesome pine forests occupy ¾ of the territory. 3️⃣/4️⃣ 😮 With a simple flick of a cigarette out of a car window, Gironde could potentially be sitting on a powder keg of natural disasters! 🚭 Fire can travel up to 25 kilometres an hour and send burning embers flying for kilometres, sparking new fires that severely test emergency services. So, this week when the department fries, spare a thought for the wonderful natural environment we live in. It doesn't take much to start a fire, but it takes a whole bunch to put one out! ✌️ #forestfire

Klamath River, California

“All tied in”. It’s 3am. We walked back down the line. My numb. Last nights adrenaline finally wearing off. “We’re bedding down here drop your stuff get some rest”. Now cold and wet I dig myself a shelf to sleep on. “Warming Fire?” Dozing off to the crackle of that fire and the buzz of chainsaws across the river. Warm and fulfilled. It’s the little things. I love this job.

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