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Foamsmith - Cosplay ♠️ ( Instagram Profile Photo

Foamsmith - Cosplay ♠️

Crimsonsaber873 (@crimsonsaber873) Instagram Profile Photo


Been working on a new cosplay. It's my first time making a helmet. Stay tuned for more. #foamsmith

Donovan Sloane McDonald (@mcdonalddonovan) Instagram Profile Photo

Donovan Sloane McDonald

to when I started to make the Fierce Deity. Well I thought I come back into cosplay and remake something simple for any upcoming conventions. #foamsmith

Myriam El Wartiti (@the_elven_queen21) Instagram Profile Photo

Myriam El Wartiti

I'm finally back with updates on my Wonder Woman cosplay for Montreal comiccon! I finished her breastplate! Sorry for the weird background.. I'll be back soon with more photos! 👌🏻🎨 #foamsmith

cosplayfriends (@studiogeunyanghae) Instagram Profile Photo


We're stuck in a funk, but that doesn't mean individual members of studio geunyanghae aren't moving. @necropuppet dabbling in eva foam and airbrushing. This is Kirito's sword from Sword Art Online: Alicization #foamsmith

Peacekeeper Props (@peacekeeperprops) Instagram Profile Photo

Peacekeeper Props

Well, since Im building muscle. And Breath of the Wild 2 was announced. I thought I'd make something snall to come back into this. #foamsmith

Ariakel Nindë (@ariakel.ninde) Instagram Profile Photo

Ariakel Nindë

Got my skirt done and both belts have been attached to the big ornament. I'll be adding Vah Naboris symbol with textile paint 🐪 . La falda está hecha y ambos cinturones se han atado al adorno grande. Estaré agregando el símbolo Vah Naboris con pintura textil 🐪 . . smith

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