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Ali ORAL ♾ (@alioral_92) Instagram Profile Photo

Ali ORAL ♾

Viva Ukraine🎇 #flag #

Ellie Mihaylova (@elmi_88) Instagram Profile Photo

Ellie Mihaylova

A Bulgarian shift in Istanbul #flag

Physician Scientist (@pathmedicalnyc) Instagram Profile Photo

Physician Scientist

in the pledge of allegiance we declare the nation indivisible ! atom or Adam in bible mean the smallest individual part or person that started the world ! alpha to omega symbolized by U or uranium splits releasing one and three neutron chain reaction of energy ! einstein’s equation e=mcxc predicts the energy conversion to PLUTOnium and method to leave our solar system beyond planetoids PLUTO ! the atomhas been split into pentagon of quarks pentaquarks - along w fusion create neuton star ! at princeton home to the key victory of the united states thru george washington is home to the plasma nuclear doughnut , bagel or torus ! plasma physics of limitless energy on earth fusing all states to the united states! This picture taken with President Reagan demand in Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall June 12, 1987 all walls fall to fusion ! fusion is the vision at the great falls in paterson ! jesus is the second atom ! . #flag w second and of means chiefs of

Marco Frau (@marco_frau) Instagram Profile Photo

Marco Frau


@sbandlanciano #flag Ci sono colori che ti resteranno per sempre nel cuore ❤️💛💙

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