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Modern Studio Equipment

Take advantage of this by emailing your order while supplies last at or place your order online at using code: MMHMC at checkout. . . . #filmcrew

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Peter Brodbeck

Durchbruch bei den SDS-max Hämmern von Metabo. Für diese neue Produkt-Range produzierten wir einen emotionalen Film mit fotorealistischen 3D-Animationen und coolen slo-mo-Effekten. Wie immer bei Metabo an einer außergewöhnlichen Location. Spannend: die Location war kurz nach den Dreharbeiten nur noch ein Haufen Schutt. #filmcrew

So what do you do when someone gets thrown into the booth to do background vocals and you don’t have time to adjust for their darker complexion compared to our talent. Honestly, you hold onto hope that the tried and true zone system is going to see you through. I still use that as my go to exposure system even as digital has all but removed it from the vocabularies of many cinematographers. Just a quick refresh. Caucasian skin and darker skin are all pretty varied on the scales but if you look at how the highlights react you will notice, both white and dark skin expose the same, since it’s the reflection of highlights that define the face. This allows for a modified approach to exposure. If we were lighting flat I would have been in trouble but since I was edge lighting and mostly exposing for the oil reflection on their faces we were safe to continue shooting without needing to make any adjustments.

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