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Feed the Fire Nutrition


Dining in Colorado! From Buddha bowls in to smoothie bowls in ,to canned beans in parking lots. Not to mention pizza at and ballpark dining for the Rockies’ game. We really had it all! 😆 . For most of our trip, we camped in our car and had simple meals. We had a backpacking stove but no cooler since we flew down and rented a car. Our menu included salad bags, @amyskitchen soups, canned fruits and beans, soup cups, apples, nuts, granola, and a jar of peanut butter. And, can you guess? Lots of chips!! 😛 . It’s important to be flexible on holidays and make do with what you’ve got. Of course I wasn’t getting enough veggies or protein, but the bounces back. Part of feeling healthy is having the resilience to stray from your normal routine and still feel well. 😊 . . . . . #feedthefire

Straight from the heart!

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kjo mshptpssn

Was für eine Show von @billybiohazard gestern im @turock_essen ! Direkt nach der Übergabe von der neuen Zeitung @moshpit_passion Ausgabe sowie der Übergabe von dem -Shirt, zog Billy sich das feine Leibchen an! Was für ein großartiger Typ! #FeedTheFire

Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen

I’ve seen a lot of rock solid musicians plow through troubles on stage. I’ve also seen a lot of disasters on stage and artists not handle them well! -One time on tour I stood with David Bowie and watched The Prodigy flip out over technical problems. They completely destroyed the whole stage! More to that story later... -Yesterday, this badass, @raphaelsaini got food poisoning and didn’t find out until we were 2/3rd’s way through the set. He filled a bucket with and waved me onward to finish the show! -Give it up to a man who follows the credo “the show must go on” more than anyone I know! Thank you brother, you are the backbone to us!

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Derek Wellock

July Reps of Discipline Challange. 100% for everyone, and possibly the most important step in mastering your journey. Fitness is a tool I use to master my mind. That is why I do things like marathon rows, barbell triathlons, and Half Dome for time, burpees at odd hours. I have overlooked one of the most important aspects of how I figured out my purpose during this past year.   For me, meditation is prayer. But regardless of your personal beliefs, you can still meditate and reflect on your soul, your inner demons, and start to confront the things that are holding you back. And that is what July is about. Taking intentional time each day to reflect and work on identifying what is holding you back, then taking a single action to move forward.   Rule of Engagement.  1. Find a silent time each day to reflect for a minimum of 10 minutes, this can be sitting, walking, anything, but must be silent with your own thoughts.  2. Write down one action item you know will move you closer to your goals that you discovered during your 10 minutes.  3. Take action on that one item before bed.   Tips for greater success.  1. Wake up one hour before you normally would. Start your day with intentional focus and win the day. Also, having to wake up earlier will help you prioritize your previous day and make sure you make sleep a priority. 2. Make your action item public either to a friend or social media and tag . If you haven't noticed I use Instagr to hold myself accountable. But using a friend can do the se thing. Accountability is the key to success.  If you have questions or concerns about this, let me know. I looking forward to seeing everyone make great progress and personal growth during the month of July.    #feedthefire

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Burch Barrel

Sundays are for grilling, family, friends and feeding the fire. #feedthefire

Feed the Fire Nutrition (@feedthefire.nutrition) Instagram Profile Photo

Feed the Fire Nutrition

Hanging Lake Trail

✨Summer Soulstice✨ intentions: Live with more alignment Make choices from the heart Be Courageous Let go Seek new beginnings Play . I’ve just returned from adventuring in Colorado. My is sore, but my heart is full. I’m ready for this next chapter and so ready to help more of you lovely folks create your best life! . What are your intentions for this season? . 📸: @daresy at . . . . . #feedthefire

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