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Carisa Coley (@carisacoley) Instagram Profile Photo

Carisa Coley

Holiday food day 3. The thing that looks like a bowl of is in fact Greek yoghurt with cherries. Dinner was carb and sugar central. I felt so from too much sun and Andy and I realised that we hadn't eaten since breakfast and had done loads of walking this morning when we went into Central Antalya. So, I made up for it at dinner. Its just one (mahoosive) meal. I'm on holiday so not sweating it (thanks to air conditioning!) #fattofit

My VSG journey #RescueMe (@vsgshannd) Instagram Profile Photo

My VSG journey #RescueMe

Just waiting on Dr. Joyce my BMI dr for a routine check up. On my scale this Am. Keep in mind,I was naked, I was 142.2. Here I was 144 even. Curious to see what he has to say. I will keep you all posted. God I do love this journey. . . . #fattofit

Mark @ Slimming World (Monday) (@mark_slimmingworld) Instagram Profile Photo

Mark @ Slimming World (Monday)

Spicy prawn fried rice, with rocket and lime .. .. .. .. .. #fattofit

Dani's Weight Loss Journey (@amazonianphoenix) Instagram Profile Photo

Dani's Weight Loss Journey

A bit of cardio and a lot of weight training. Got to the gym and burned out my upper 💪🏻 and did some core work! It felt good to be back in the weight room. It has been a while 😳 I ready to start building 👊🏻 #fattofit

This day is a wash, starting over tomorrow

Weightloss Transformation (@ginna_gets_fit) Instagram Profile Photo

Weightloss Transformation

Dont forget to join my dietbet. Starts july 8th! Weigh ins begin on the 6th. You can join multiple games at once, its international so everyone can play, you can join up to 2 weeks after the start date. It's fun, motivational and I'm giving away a $25 amazon gift card to 1 of the 1st 50 people to join! • • • #fattofit

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