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M&A Hygiene / Mustang Cleaning

London, United Kingdom

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Delhi, India

According to the high court rule , it states that the tree 🌳 must have a diameter of 1 metre around it . Which means the cemented roads or foot paths should be 1 metre (diameter ) away from the tree trunk ! This is basically done so that the water can go into the roots perfectly , roots should get a proper space to grow & breathe . Doing this is only beneficially for the tree growth & life 💙 but the picture depicts the some other story , well anywhere you see a tree without a gap , you can call MCD for that or you can also call for labour to remove the cemented part near the tree . TREES are very important for our life , they only help in bringing the rain 🌧 & we all need water 💧 & let’s all plant 🌱 trees & also lets all take care of them ! It’s our responsibility , PLEASE DO YOUR BIT #environmentawareness

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