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Ibeji Mekz Emeka (@ibejimekz) Instagram Profile Photo

Ibeji Mekz Emeka

Abuja (FCT)

The bank is a lazy baboon feeding on the sweat of the monkey working everyday. Bank Fix Deposit is for the financially uneducated. Invest that money in any small business that guarantees returns, even if is just a 3% ROI every month it is better than keeping ur money in the bank. #Entrepreneurs

Lash Bar Official (@lashbarofficial) Instagram Profile Photo

Lash Bar Official

New York, New York

This is our new Gorgeous Lash In style "New York Glam" You can order yours this week 🖤 . . . . 🖤 Fluffy . 🖤 Double 3D . 🖤 D-Curl . 🖤With proper care can be worn up to 25-30 times . 🖤Crulety free . . . . . . s

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