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Eat Move Shift

You are not lazy, you are not fat, you are not an idiot, you are not a loser, you are not harsh, you are not diseased. You CAN TRUST, you CAN LOVE, you CAN ACCEPT, you CAN LET GO, you CAN HEAL 🌼💗 Perhaps you heard these things growing up that are now deep rooted within you 😔. Bring it to your awareness that you are NOT these things. Disease is the absence of EASE. We need Ease in our life! Bring on the ease of life to bring balance to your nervous system. Stress is an act of resistance. What are you resisting or trying to control? Take a deep breathe and Love what is!🎁🎉

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Nina Marie

DID YOU KNOW?? Did you know that essential oils work when and tissues are ? When our systems become acidic, due to poor , , or #emotionalstress.... essential oils lose some of their effects. So what's best to do?? Alkalize your ! + Increasing the intake of calcium can dramatically boost and intestinal alkalinity. +Calcium and magnesium-rich supplements such as MegaCal and SuperCal can help alkalinize both and tissues. + AlkaLime is an outstanding source of alkaline salts that can help reduce internal acidity. +Mineral Essence supplies the w/more than 60 of the most efficiently absorbed ionic minerals available. + JuvaPower (great in soups + cooking) is also rich in minerals and yeast fighting phytonutrients. STRESS can be damaging to the and promote acid formation! 😵 + Grab your oils HIGH in sesquiterpenes, which can balance and calm your emotions.... Frankincense, Myrrh, and Sandalwood.

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Valerie MacLeod

“Doing something that is productive is a great way to alleviate emotional stress. Get your mind doing something that is productive.” - Ziggy Marley ⠀ #emotionalstress

Break I took a break today in the garden. I found some flowers and meet a bee. So many things are going through my head these days, that a feeling surprised me today. It struck me that I have to say goodbye to @dynamicoverlord in less than two weeks. We've known eachother almost 9 years and lived together 6 of those. So not enough that we're moving away from eachother, he's going almost as far away as possible, to New Zealand. I'm sure he's gonna get an amazing adventure, but walking out the door today, not knowing weather or not I'm going to see him again before November/December was a way to strong feeling I couldn't deal with today. I'm sure we're going to get to say real goodbye and hello again. BUT I'm going to miss you Lot 💚 (I'm starting to play, with not auto focus 😬) . . . . . . . #emotionalstress

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Kroppen trænger til afslapning og at puste ud. Døjer med en del mental stress for tiden grundet arbejdsløshed, vægttab og følelsen af at stå stille i livet. Savner progression 😩 #emotionalstress

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Gold Coast, Queensland

Life goes on! Not a good way lose weight, 3 kgs down in the past 4 days, I feel withdrawn, gaunt and undernourished. Not being able to eat anything solid in fact anything but greens and my fluids, can't even stand the smell of my home cooked chicken soup. Planning for the week must continue, bringing back my appetite will bring back my energy which I need it for classes this week. 4 Fitness Classes plus my 3 Zumba Classes, my work depends on my health. I need to feel better enough to teach, planning rest breaks is important, and getting some much needed nutrition into my ❤💛💚 It's not the flu.... #emotionalstress

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Joshua Gelber

Having a meltdown... I wrote this blog post in February during a stressful period of time. It wasn't pretty, but I think lots of you can probably relate. Check out what might have contributed and how I coped here: #emotionalstress

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