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Kim Vandermeer (@kimbermeer) Instagram Profile Photo

Kim Vandermeer

Alexandria Old Town

Happy Twosday 💕 / After a blissful 2+ years of marriage, being a “Mr. and Mrs.” is still surreal to me at times. It’s no longer me, myself, and I. It’s no longer an expense for one. It’s no longer just a twin mattress. It’s no longer being able to leave at a moment’s notice. It’s no longer a flight for one. ☝️ / Despite all the great things I got used to as a single… being a pair is great as well! Having a partner in life has its perks and I’m thoroughly enjoying all of it. ✌️ / I sometimes think God placed me in a marriage to teach me selflessness. It’s no longer just my selfish self, but putting my husband before myself. ❤️ / Sometimes it’s about giving him the best bite of the sandwich. Or letting him eat your leftovers you were looking forward to (but not begrudgingly). Or not holding on to an argument and the idea of “winning” it. Or not getting upset that he woke you up an hour early to just “spend some more awake hours together” before work. Sounds so romantic, right? But this girl LOVES her sleep! 🛌💤 / Haha, but for real… marriage is character building and I’m truly so happy and grateful for it all. 😍 :::::

Visual Art | Private Editing (@menzevisuals) Instagram Profile Photo

Visual Art | Private Editing

Squamish, British Columbia

I look at her sometimes and wonder out of all the faces in the world how did I find one that was so perfect for me -atticus

Benni Carol Photography (@bennicarol) Instagram Profile Photo

Benni Carol Photography

London, United Kingdom

Back on our feet after the super intense weekend that just passed by. We knew that the big changes we had in the last few months would have been tough to handle and we had a prove of this in the last couple of days! We survived the super long hours though and we are both celebrating our survival with some lovely Italian warmth 😂 ❤️ Here in Florence we well passed the 30 degrees bar and honestly I'm kinda enviously looking back at this nice and cool wedding where I'm wearing a jumper and I'm not collapsing under this heath 😅 How's your Tuesday going, can you feel the Summer yet? * * * * * * love

Cincinnati Photographer (@dime.and.zee.studios) Instagram Profile Photo

Cincinnati Photographer

Nathanael Greene Lodge

Ceremonies are always so special....especially when you wait to see one another until the minute you start walking down to marry them😭👏🏼

Hanging Branch (@hanging_branch) Instagram Profile Photo

Hanging Branch

Balsam Lake, Wisconsin

Such a simple lakeside background, yet so meaningful for both the bride-to-be and photographer @tippyjordan. If you’re curious to hear the story, swing over to Jordan’s profile and find this photo. 🤗

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