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Taking a break from social media for a week, I'm currently at my boyfriend's place. It's been really good mentally, staying away from my phone. So I will try to post here & they just know I'm not leaving my page permanently. Love y'all ❀❀❀ #edcommunity

Irmo, South Carolina

When I saw the hatpins that Casy had been producing, working with brass, I had just gotten my from my buddy @program_j_missouri I asked @meathookcustoms to make a mini version, one I could possibly put in or attach to the kit. This is a practical SERE emergency evasion kit. Nothing fancy, just basic ingredients that I have. But I felt a small pick would be an awesome tool to add. He did exactly what I wanted and created the vision in my head. Less than 3 inches, still enough to be a game changer in a situation too close for comfort. Granted, around the neck, under a shirt is not readily accessible. But this is not an item to be used up front. This is for when, desperate and fighting for your life, all the theories and training are out the window. There are no rules but one: stay alive. A two-finger tug, and swift plunge on course for the eyes, ears, brachial/clavicle area, throat, temple, under the chin, or into the soft palette or mouth if presented, could certainly buy time for one's situation to shift. And the tool functions for such are infinite...think of it, and use it. This is the 1st carry idea that I have. I tried it loose and bueno. The zip tie is still slack enough to move, not pinching the gear inside. It keeps the sheath oriented where it should be, and also added a brass link connecting to the string that can be used for further purposes. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ‘€πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Š ommunity

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For the past couple of weeks I have been working on a massive art commission which is stressing me out beyond belief. πŸ˜– However, unlike the in the past, I have continued to eat whatever I want, can and need during this period of tension. Stress/exhaustion is not an excuse to avoid eating when you have this illness. During recovery, you HAVE to keep your energy intake up to avoid slipping into an energy deficit and potentially triggering your ED to take hold of you again. 🎩 P.S : Yes, these oreos are flippin’ delicious. (Trico was not happy that he wasn’t allowed to try any though. πŸ™ˆπŸ€£)______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________recovery #edcommunity

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chars recovery

EVENING EVERYONE πŸŒƒ GUESS WHO HAD A DIFFERENT DINNER! of SAUSAGE hotpot 🍲 with a side salad πŸ₯— followed by a toffee yoghurt 😍 and 2 Cadbury Γ©clairs 🀀 before having a shower 🚿 and just relaxing! 😌 And supper now is a bowl of rice krispies multi grain shapes πŸ₯£ with milk πŸ₯› and a green tea 🍡 time for some evening positivity ✨ food is ESSENTIAL to our survival! It is not a choice! We HAVE to eat! Because of you don't (or not have enough) you will DIE! simple as that! The same as weeing! We have to wee! Or we can become seriously ill and it can lead to death (weird example I know πŸ˜‚) but food is OUR FUEL! OUR BATTERIES! OUR ENERGY! You wouldn't expect a car to run without petrol/diesel, you wouldn't expect a mobile to work of you haven't charged it, you wouldn't expect a battery operated torch to work without batteries so why do you expect your to function without food?? It simply won't work! So nourish your ! I hope you all have a fab evening and sleep well ❀️ #edcommunity

Cracking Rice Krispies for Breakfadt Today πŸ˜ƒ to Make Ana Snap Crack and pop off πŸ˜‚ I so cringe oops Breakfast was 50g @Kellogg’s Rice Krispies and 200ml Soya Milk ✌🏼 decided to have a rice crispies today as I try to avoid them as I know that high in carbohydrates then my other cereals but they are so good and I love the light crunchy texture of them and they make the soya milk taste so nice so it was not going to let control my choice! Dad weighed these out for me but we had lost the sheet which says how many I meant to have so I had to tell dad but I did not restrict and told him the correct ount my head was telling me to say less but I did not give in πŸ’ͺ The more rice crispies the better! Manage these okay today as I’m having a positive evening and determined to keep it that way so know that I need to have these without a fuss feeling really motivated this evening that coffee is obviously kicking in but just focusing on my motivations and reminding myself why I’m doing this had a shower and wash my hair which always makes me feel better and dad has prepared all my food and it was pretty stressfree compare to last night so that is good which helps me feel less anxious as well knowing it’s done Getting on a lot better with my fily this evening as well and that always helps me manage my feet better … This bowl of rice crispy is felt so big but I know deep down that I need it as I’m thinking rationally and determined to ignore the voices had a bit of a disaster just before eating these day as I was putting the box back on the top shelf of the cupboard and it fell off and the rice crispies went everywhere I freaked out and screed for mum and I was so worried that my parents would be really angry but they told me it was not a big deal I was just upset as it is such a big box and it felt like such a waste as they almost all went on the floor but dad reassured me it did not matter that he would buy more so disaster averted it made me a bit anxious but I got over it and managed to eat and still ok hope you’ve all had a wonderful Wednesday and who else is watching Love Island tonight? going to use that to distract me πŸ’™

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