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kat elise 💗 (@lotuslungs) Instagram Profile Photo

kat elise 💗

hey guys! I’ve been over here having a pretty rough time lately but I’m hopeful that things are going to get better. I’ve been having some serious pain with my chronic pancreatitis, along with other issues. This picture is from the other day when I had a nerve block and I think this one is working 🤞🏻also, in this pic I have a bruise above my eye from when I dropped my phone on my face, so of course I had to share that. haha. anyway, I’m really hoping things start looking up soon and I can gain some weight and have energy to get back to my yoga practice because I really miss it. thankfully my lungs are doing well, I’ve just had other stuff going on that has caused me to feel like crap. it can be really exhausting when you are constantly in pain and trying to find solutions, but sometimes you just gotta hang in there for a bit until things settle down. sending my love to all of you that are also going through hard times. you’re not alone! 💕✨ #donatelife


Megan Angelica (@meganangelicaa) Instagram Profile Photo

Megan Angelica

It’s crazy the difference a year can make. A year ago today we were partying hard. My family had kept it a secret that my youngest nephews make a wish trip had been confirmed. We threw a huge surprise party to tell the kids that they were leaving for the airport in the morning and headed to Disney land! Two years ago today we were planning Walkers 1st heart transplant anniversary party and three years ago today was just a normal day little did we know Walker would soon be getting a new heart! And today you ask! My sister, brother-in-law and all four nephews left for a family vacation all thanks to someone who chose to say yes to organ donation. We are so grateful to be able to be together as a family and grateful for Walkers donor. If you not a already an organ donor well what the hell are you doing dude? Check the back of your drivers license, sign up online with your local registry so even once you’re gone a family can go on vacation, so someone can celebrate another birthday or just live another day!


Wil Bolden Jr (@wilboogie_) Instagram Profile Photo

Wil Bolden Jr

Reposted from @renalwarrior2016 - PLEASE SHARE!! - - Since being diagnosed with in June 2016, I’ve had an incredible run! I’ve lost 140lbs, biked across the state, working on documentary, and even on my way to completing a book. I’ve talked to thousands of patients to try and give them hope, strength, and the will to carry on. I coach other kidney patients in lifestyle and have created a non-profit in hopes to inspire many more. - - However, reality is, I still need a machine to live () and if I want to continue to survive, I need a . I am asking for your help. Please reach out if you would consider SAVING MY LIFE and become my . We all have 2 Kidneys and can survive on one. I desperately need your spare! - - How to donate: 1.) Click box (Be a Donor) 2.) Fill Out Info 3.) When asked: “Do you have a recipient?” Click Yes and enter my information: Name: Wilson Du DOB: 01/20/1982 - - Please reach out to me with any questions! Thank you! - - #DonateLife -


Life Alliance (@lifeallianceum) Instagram Profile Photo

Life Alliance

Happy Father’s Day! This Father’s Day we want to honor all those fathers who have given the gift of life, and those fathers who are here to celebrate today because someone chose to donate life. Today we recognize 2018 donor hero and father of two young ladies, James Peace. James was 47 years old when he saved 3 lives through the gifts of his kidneys and liver. Register today to give the gift of life at or through the Health App on your iPhone. #donatelife


Taylor Mayes (@taymay55) Instagram Profile Photo

Taylor Mayes

Happy Father's Day to my resilient, pain in the ass, very own Superman! The past 6 months have been one hell of a rollercoaster from kidney failure, dialysis, losing your leg & everything in between. You've always been our rock (now you're just a smaller, less whole rock lol) & I don't know what I'd do without you. Thanks for teaching me to be strong & make the most out of every situation. *P.S. ALL HE REALLY WANTS FOR FATHER'S DAY IS A NEW KIDNEY --> O (+)* #DonateLife


Jose Amezola (@1kidneyjose) Instagram Profile Photo

Jose Amezola

My living kidney donor crew. I love these people so much. #donatelife


Living life to the Max 💪 (@schneiderheartfam) Instagram Profile Photo

Living life to the Max 💪

UF Health Congenital Heart Center

Just when you think you know love, something little comes along to remind you how big it really is 💖 #donatelife


Eccles Theater

Congratulations to the new Miss Utah 2019, Miss Greater Salt Lake, Dexonna Talbot. 👑 Best Wishes to Jesse Craig, Miss Utah 2018. I love you. 💕 This has been such an amazing opportunity for me to represent Washington County. I gave it my all... that’s what I came for! 😊 I can’t begin to express the love that I have for my family, friends, director, sister sash’s and the Miss Utah Organization. I have learned so much about myself and was able to perform at such a beautiful venue. I take away new friendships, love for performing, and I’m so grateful to everyone who showered me with love, from near & far. I can’t wait to see what my future holds. Thank you once again @teamivia! ❤️ I am truly blessed. 🙏🏼 More pictures to come. Also, a HUGE shout out to all of my sponsors! 💪🏼 #donatelife @jessecraig29 @missgreatersaltlake.ut @claire_ino


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