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Беларусь_Anna_ваш_гид_Oriflame (@miss_oriflame_by) Instagram Profile Photo


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Pooja Ramachandran

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KuMaR😍 RoAd😍 RiDer✌

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∆meen †

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Leila Kalali Home & Jewelry

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Rohit Reddy - RR

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Joseph Fogg 🎬🎼🏀

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Kimbra Smith

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GGREENLADY Divine skin care products.

Every day is a new day... A day for gratitude... A day of choices... A day of responsibilities... Live a green life... Love Mother Earth... Avoid plastic... Use natural products... Organic life... Holistic lifestyle.... #divine

Гора горой, а губы красить нужно по расписанию ⛰️💄😂 #divine

Nadine Warbrick (@nadinewarbrick) Instagram Profile Photo

Nadine Warbrick

Darwin, Northern Territory

T U R A N G A W A E W A E - your place to stand ✊🏼 . This is my interpretation of ‘mountain pose’, . . is te reo Maori (Maori language) for the place where you truly come from, the place of your ancestors, where your ‘blood’ or ‘iwi’ is from. Another interpretation for your real home or sense of belonging. . . When I stand in tadasana, I connect right down through the earth centre and breathe as one - where I in the present moment is my home (as well as Te Arawa, an iwi from central North Island, Aotearoa). It’s way more than just an for me. It’s practicing standing in who I , a place I can belong (on and off my mat). . . What does mean to you? . The teachers that teach more than asana really hit me in my heart Centre, blast open my mind and take me (inside) somewhere new - are the ones that I will choose to follow. So much gratitude for the yoga teachers out there who teach from the heart ❣Thank you to all of my mentors and teachers I have had so far! How lucky I?! . . . @ Leslie Robinson Photography Darwin 🙏🏼

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