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New Jersey

What’s up y’all? I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day! I spent most of the day away from social@media enjoying my family! Here’s is yesterday’s yard work and family carry. Does your carry change much depending on your activities for the day? #discretecarryconcepts

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Any fans of this style sheath? 🤚🏾 It’s light weight, slim, the metal clip easily attaches to a belt or clothing with excellent retention, the knife can be sheathed right or left, all these features make for a very versatile system that is hard to beat! @bladerigs @watsonknives @amtacblades @empireoutfitter #discretecarryconcepts

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Andrew Bawidamann

Ragnarok from @mostlyknives ・・・ Fixed Blade Friday! #discretecarryconcepts

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V Development Group

@ex_civ knows the deal ・・・ 12 Week @vdevelopmentgroup Holster Review • Megingjörð Belt V2 • Rigel Glock TLR1 Holster • Flat Wedge • @discreetcarryconcepts Clips The wedge (along with the claw) pushes the grip into your gut more for better grip concealment making the G34 a breeze to conceal in a tshirt. More importantly, the wedge keeps the bottom of the holster from digging into your grip-side leg when you squat, bend down, sit, drive, or ride horses. These sponges are compatible with any holster and are definitely a must have from here on out. The #discretecarryconcepts clips are extremely aggressive and the correct type of clip to use for concealed carry as they cannot break or be easily removed during physical confrontation. The belt is very stable. I’m using an extra loop because, being skinny, the grip was dipping into my pants no matter how tight I got the belt. The current configuration is now extremely stable. I’m able to run, jump fences, and ride horses without it shifting. I’m pretty particular about velcro and this belt hasn’t degraded at all in 12 weeks, definitely the nicest velcro that I own (I’m very impressed). The belt is very rigid scuba webbing for the first 9” of it, giving a very stable platform for the claw to push against, and is pliable on the rest of the length. The holster is made of top grade kydex and cannot flex under stress or while sitting. Use “ex_civ” for a 7% discount on all @vdevelopmentgroup holsters.

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Kevin Estela

I'm a fan. Been carrying my @glockinc 17 and @sigsauerinc P365 in these @tenicorusa holsters lately. The built in protrusion takes the place of the add on wing and helps tuck the of the pistol to . The @discreetcarryconcepts clips hold the holsters to the belt or waistband securely. The built in wedge helps point the bottom of the holster and subsequently the muzzle of the pistol away from vitals and valuables. This holster is quickly becoming my new IWB standard! Please check them out. They are good people. #discretecarryconcepts

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