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Australian Teachers of Media (@austeachersofmedia) Instagram Profile Photo

Australian Teachers of Media

‘Defiant Lives’ tells the story of the rise and triumph of the disability rights movement across Australia, the US and UK. See rare archival footage and exclusive interviews with elders who led the movement over the past 5 decades. . Buy DVD and download ATOM study guide on 📚 . . . . #disabilityrights

The Canberra Times has published Dimas' story. The Minister's decision is any day now. Please, if you haven't signed and shared the petition, do it NOW! It's over 10,000 signatures. I don't want to say goodbye to Dimas! 😢 rights

עלה - עזר לילד המיוחד ( Instagram Profile Photo

עלה - עזר לילד המיוחד

חברי מליאת מועצת רמת נגב בסיור במועצה אזורית מרחבים ובכפר השיקומי ״עלה נגב - נחלת ערן״. לחזק את שיתופי הפעולה ולהכיר את הפרויקטים שאנו מובילים בכפר. ביקור עוצמתי ומרגש. rights

Nishant Khade (@willonwheelz) Instagram Profile Photo

Nishant Khade

Whether you think You Can or Think You can't , You're Right. #disabilityrights

Behcet’s Canada (@behcetscanada) Instagram Profile Photo

Behcet’s Canada

Invisible Disabilities are real and if you want to be ignorant and say something to someone parked in a disability parking spot that has a permit this is just for you! #disabilityrights

Genevieve Nutley (@iwarriorprincess) Instagram Profile Photo

Genevieve Nutley

It’s interesting how people gravitate towards certain pieces 🐘 this is a screen shot of my piece “Elephant in the Room” while I was ordering prints. 🐘 🐘 🐘 🐘 ‘Elephant in the Room’ is a visual narration of living with a visual handicap. My experience of feeling like the elephant in the room. My voice is impaired and the way I physically move and use a cane stands out. I believe in visibility but I also believe in equality. I’m not brave because I live my life like anyone else. I move through this ableist world not giving a f**k how others see me. Yet sometimes I feel blue for being the elephant in the room. I’ve pulled out so much strength from my inadequate feeling. . . . . #disabilityrights

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