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Sara Obando | Brand+Web Design (@saraobandoweb) Instagram Profile Photo

Sara Obando | Brand+Web Design

Provo, Utah

Happy Monday friends! What’s are you up to this week? I’ll be attending the Opt In Party summit from tomorrow through Friday. And I’m excited because a lot of awesome ladies (including many I’ve taken courses with) will be presenting. It’s four days talking about everything opt ins. If you need help in this area, grab a free ticket from the link in my bio! And when I’m not watching summit presentations, I’ll be recording my courses for the Skillshare challenge I’m participating in. Have my introduction ready, and now the rest! The course is on organizing every aspect of your business with Asana, so, if that’s something you’d be interested in, let me know and I’ll share with you the course link when it’s ready. And I have some client work, emails to reply to, and planning for the rest of 2019 to wrap up. What about you?

Lollypop Design Studio (@lollypop_design) Instagram Profile Photo

Lollypop Design Studio

Content strategy forms the key pillar of the overall marketing strategy in most notable organizations and is a crucial part of the overall UX strategy. It has the ability to make or break the user experience. One needs to have compelling content to make attractive and functional designs, work. UX content strategists strive to strike the right tone to match the desired voice or personality of the brand. Check out our blog, which talks about the benefits of using the right content in UX. The link is in the bio! studio

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