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image by Athir (@athirzaa) with caption : "#Repost @byfqi
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Stay low-key no matter how great you thin" - 1722387180864015168
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@byfqi • • • Stay low-key no matter how great you think you are. Over selling yourself/exposing things that should be private might not welcome any good ❤️ . “If anyone wants to have his deeds widely publicized, Allah will publicize (his humiliation). And if anyone makes a hypocritical display (of his deeds) Allah will make a display of him.” (Sahih Muslim Book 42, Hadith 7115) . "If you sin. Seek forgiveness from Allah. If you sin again. Seek forgiveness from Allah again. Allah will never tired of forgiving us. It's us that is tired of asking forgiveness" #day13 #💗💗 (@shaniyeee) Instagram Profile Photo shaniyeee

Instagram Image by (@shaniyeee) with caption : "☁️🌧2018.02.25(日)
#daily #like4like #selfie #fighting #night #keep #2" at 星巴克 洲子門市 - 1722382316820707342
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☁️🌧2018.02.25(日) - 午茶🍰 第一次在台灣一天可以吃這麼多種口味大概也只有跟我妹一起才可以做到😐 (鏡頭外還有一塊千層) #day13

Bridges & Fitness Passionate (@simone.bergamelli) Instagram Profile Photo simone.bergamelli

Bridges & Fitness Passionate

Instagram Image by Bridges & Fitness Passionate (@simone.bergamelli) with caption : "SUNDAY BREAKFAST: ⚀ 1 cup Lavazza red quality (24 calories)
⚁ 1 avocado medium (230 calories)
⚂ 1 egg boiled (70 calorie" at ЖК «Империал» - 1722378569923413531

SUNDAY BREAKFAST: ⚀ 1 cup Lavazza red quality (24 calories) ⚁ 1 avocado medium (230 calories) ⚂ 1 egg boiled (70 calories) ⚃ 150 gr egg white (72 calories) ⚄ 250 ml soya milk unsweeted (83 calories) ⚅ 50 gr oats (155 calories) total calories = 634 calories ✔ it's perfect because today is rest day and I have to stay in low-calorie regime 💯💯💯🔝🔝🔝🏋🏋🏋💪💪💪 #day13

Lavena Johanson (@lavscello) Instagram Profile Photo lavscello

Lavena Johanson

#day13 and then a bunch of (the end of it) - first under tempo, then working on when switching fingers but playing the same note, and finally an attempt at an in tempo version. It’s getting there 😊 . . .