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donnetta williams (@lovelyelaine33) Instagram Profile Photolovelyelaine33

donnetta williams


🤔 I may look good with shorts on if I can find a pair that fit 👌🏾. fit perfectly for my size plus I’m bloated extremely 😕. The wax jean shorts weren’t a good fit but I think I may rock some this summer. I haven’t worn shorts in public since middle school 👀💀 I will always say omg if I didn’t have all this stomach 😫😫😫 but it’s my reality and I must accept it endure it until I can get to a healthy place. Hint not skinny place but healthy place. Some truly believe fat = unhealthy when you have skinny folks diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes. It is what it is 👍🏾 #darkskinwomen

A Touch Of Rae (@rae_badu_) Instagram Profile Photorae_badu_

A Touch Of Rae

You wanna know what scares people? Success. When you don’t make moves and you don’t climb up the ladder, everybody loves you because you’re not competition✨ Don’t sleep on me Designer: @blaac.intl

MY ONLY PAGE 💕 (@_nubiandoll_) Instagram Profile Photo_nubiandoll_


 image by MY ONLY PAGE 💕 (@_nubiandoll_) with caption : "Real Diamonds Don’t Fold Under Pressure 💎 
#model#darkskinwomen#beauty" - 2025127036330266355

Real Diamonds Don’t Fold Under Pressure 💎 #darkskinwomen

Shay Fit (@fit.shay) Instagram Profile Photofit.shay

Shay Fit

... Traveling for work is hard on the body, late nights, long meetings, sleep patterns thrown off... And trying to find time to workout is even harder. What I've learned is small is better than none at all. This was a quick 40 minute workout. For me that's super short! But I got it in... 💪🏿 . . . #darkskinwomen

Funmike Lagoke (@funkebby) Instagram Profile Photofunkebby

Funmike Lagoke

 Instagram Image by Funmike Lagoke (@funkebby) with caption : "#TBT This use to be my favorite pose 🤣
Always aim to be a positive light ⭐️
Bday in 3 Days 🎉 4/21 #TurnUp 🙌🏾" at My Happy Place - 2025121409721963113

This use to be my favorite pose 🤣 Always aim to be a positive light ⭐️ Bday in 3 Days 🎉 4/21 🙌🏾