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shay | shsl emoji (@ssaepe) Instagram Profile Photo ssaepe

shay | shsl emoji

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(may 20, 2018) • its so late jfc this post is prolly gonna be ignored but whateeever man i feel way too gay tonight to wait until tomorrow some of these spins look really gross d,,dont mind them please im trying to forget the fact that School Exists let me have this also- IM GONNA KMS IVE REPOSTED THIS 3 TIMES GO AWAY GLITCH GO AWAAAAAY • song; becko - choose the seven (looped) • tags; amv

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Super late birthday to mikan sorry 👊😫 —————————— . . . . . .tags:amv

🍇Ross The Boss (he/they)🍇 (@aqua.ghost) Instagram Profile Photo aqua.ghost

🍇Ross The Boss (he/they)🍇

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🔱 Ꮳhiaki Иanami 🔱 (@futur_of_despair) Instagram Profile Photo futur_of_despair

🔱 Ꮳhiaki Иanami 🔱

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😔 . Song : Paramore - Hard Times . My audio .

Neko Neko Nii (@super.nagito) Instagram Profile Photo super.nagito

Neko Neko Nii

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,,,,,this turned out much darker than I intended oops also!! this is my first sprite edit ever!!! yeet!!!!! • aLright so this is my lmao • Theme- character with a similar personality to you • mikan- we both cry in inappropriate situations and assume everything is our fault Nagito- we make people uncomfortable and we want to die :,) Celeste- i gamble a lot tbh and i also want to live in a European castle full of vampires touko- a fucking nerd just like me lmao • amv

E l l i . _ . (@spicy.chiiibit) Instagram Profile Photo spicy.chiiibit

E l l i . _ .

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Swipe to see how it was before without panning and simple panning :3 I just tried something new it looks kinda shitty but I like it idkkk —🌟— Dt; - Anime/Game/Serie; Danganronpa (Its a game but it exists an Anime) —🌟— amv

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Hey I'm not dead (yet), sorry for inactivity Show: Danganronpa Song:lmao I forgot Character: Junko Enoshima Credit: @aijunko.mp3 [ amv ] This was for a mep by @_melting.icicles_ go check them out if you haven't already!