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Yukiismae (@yukiismae) Instagram Profile Photo yukiismae


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Two-In-One monthly! CCP month theme: fav rarepair (Soniakane) Insomniac: Character/Person that reminds you of a specific flower (mine was Lily of the Incas!)

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my boyfriends - { }

♡random child♡ (@garfield_flamingo) Instagram Profile Photo garfield_flamingo

♡random child♡

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Currently being an idiot

andriod + audios + edits = ??? (@kyoxiao_) Instagram Profile Photo kyoxiao_

andriod + audios + edits = ???

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first ae edit \(O_o)/ - qotd; what's your fav season? ~ aotd; fall b/c the colorful leaves ` 🗣 AC: me (@kyoxiao_) ✖ °• •° °• - ४ 5:34 pm 彡˟•̥̩̥͙ #danganronpa2

sweetie kokichi 👾 (@kokicheeks) Instagram Profile Photo kokicheeks

sweetie kokichi 👾

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Instagram Image by Kaleb ~ 🐼 (@gayfruitloop.cosplay) with caption : "[REPOST BC @cosgay LIKED THIS ONE BETTER]
Persona mother regrets adopting dirty dang romper children. (Happy 4/20 my dud" at KindaCon - 1761930614901856101
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[REPOST BC @cosgay LIKED THIS ONE BETTER] Persona mother regrets adopting dirty dang romper children. (Happy 4/20 my dudes) . Pc: @stusspot . Wig is @ardawigs suzi classic in raspberry. . Who?: Souda kazuichi. . From?: Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair. . 2

inkflame (@inkflame_) Instagram Profile Photo inkflame_


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The definition of deserved better. What an actual angel. Anyways Gundam Tanaka is such a pure and wonderful character it infuriates me how underrated he is. He is arguably the most sympathetic danganronpa killer as he sacrificed his own life for the sake of everyone else. He challenged Nekomaru, fully aware that no matter the outcome, he would die. His sacrifice is so important, because if everyone had perished in the funhouse it would’ve been so easy for AI Junko to take over their bodies. Not only that but he gave Nekomaru the option to leave, making his crime far nobler than any of the other killers. Gundam is such a kind soul, and thank god he woke up from his coma because if anyone deserved to survive it was him. Song - Dream - Imagine Dragons 2

Sereen_Queen (@sereendo6) Instagram Profile Photo sereendo6


image by Sereen_Queen (@sereendo6) with caption : "#sonianevermind #danganronpamemes #danganronpa2" - 1761925126318007276
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