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When your mum is an award winning fitness guru, top entrepreneur and generally amazing woman - we knew that daughter, Bella’s video for Dancing in your Socks Wednesdays was going to be amazing... and we were so right! So here is Bella’s video, a touch of calm and loveliness in the midst of a busy week. So we hope today’s DIYSW inspires you to go outside or to the park and of course don’t forget to put your socks on and have a bit of a dance. Thanks Bella and @zestfitkat this is really special ❤️ And as we are talking ZestFit - on Friday we are sponsoring probably the best exercise class in the world - Prosecco Friday! (Seriously if you’re in derby, you must come along!)

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Monika Scott

Here’s something from my youth that always brings a tear to my eye: Oh, when I look back now That summer seemed to last forever And if I had the choice Yeah, I'd always wanna be there Those were the best days of my life. I love this song, I love these lyrics, and I loved rocking it to Summer of 69 - thank you for an awesome event @secretsunrise #dancingoutdoors

Monika Scott (@recklesslysober) Instagram Profile Photo

Monika Scott

I got my first real six-string Bought it at the five-and-dime Played it 'til my fingers bled Was the summer of sixty-nine. Rocking it to Summer of 69 - thank you for an awesome event @secretsunrise #dancingoutdoors

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Shayna Grajo

Stewart Park

When your dear friend can't make it to the 🎠 🎠 with her karambit and an evil glint in her eye... You tag her on Instagram instead. Next production, Izzy! 📷 @mandymeeae #dancingoutdoors 😎

2/30 Today's challenge was to make transitions switching between different parts. And second challenge was trying to not to get bitten by all of these mosquitos lol Shout out to @morealio1985 for trying to filme me and stay still while thousands of mosquitoes were eating his face off 😭🤷‍♂️👏🤣 and the end I sew him in the cloud of mosquitoes and decided to stop dancing lol @kevin_paradox outdoors

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